Zhenbeitai Tower

Located on Mount Hongshan, five kilometers north of Yulin City, stands the Zhenbeitai Tower. This was built in 1607 during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) for the protection of the Hongshan Market Place for it was here that Mongol and Han people met to trade their goods. Search a Great Wall Tour

It is a four-storied square tower, 30 meters high, measuring 320 meters around its base. The four storeys decrease in size towards the top and between each storey there is a staircase to enable the soldiers to ascend to the top. There was a watch shed at the top of the tower from where the soldiers could receive and send signals but this collapsed during the Qing period.The tower has been well restored and is reputed to be "The First Tower of the Great Wall". A climb to the top provides visitors a panoramic view of the surrounding hills. The scene is one of desolation where vegetation is sparse and it is difficult to appreciate that this was once a scene of great activity. The deserts sands are slowly but surely swallowing up what little is left of the Wall. There are the ruins of two small fortresses near Zhen Bei Tai. They were both protection for market trading places during the Ming Dynasty.

Zhenbeitai Great Wall Travel Tips

  • Opening Hours: 06:40am to 18:30pm
  • How to get there: About 15minutes ride away from the city. Cost 10RMB for taking taxi.
  • Hints: You are advised to visit it after 10am to avoid the misty weather or you can hire a telescope to get a good view of the scenery without time limitation.