White Cloud Mountain

White Cloud Mountain is a famous mountain in South China. It is honored to be the first scenery of Goat City and the first mountain of Southern Yue since ancient times due to its magnificence and loftiness. It is made up of 30 peaks with the major peak of Mo Xing Ling whose altitude is 382 meters. The summit of the mountain will be wreathed by clouds whenever the sky clears after the rain or in the late spring time. The mountain is hence called Baiyun Mountain. September to November is most suitable time to climb the mountain because of the fine weather and moderate temperature.

The mountain range is full grandeur with majestic peaks and crisscrossed valleys. There remained the ancient site of mountain Stream Pu which is said to be the residence of Zheng Anqi of the Qing Dynasty when he secluded himself there. There is a Jiu Long Quan (Nine-dragon Spring), with a history of more than 2,000 years, which is said to be discovered in the Qing Dynasty. There is also the tomb of Zhang Erqiao, a singer in the Ming Dynasty, which is called Baihua Mound; a stele with the vivid Chinese charater of "Hu"(tiger) inscribed by Liu Yongfu, a general of Hei Qi Jun (Black Banner Army) in the Qing Dynasty; and the scenic spots of Dripping Rock, Baiyun Mountain Scenery in the Dawn, Baiyun Mountain Scenery in the Dusk, the First Peak on earth, Peal Tower, Shuiyue Pavilion and so on. Travelers can appreciate the overall splendid landscape of Guangzhou and especially the beautiful jade-belt-liked Zhujiang River when standing at the spot of Baiyun Mountain Scenery in the Dusk, leaning against the railings and staring as far as they can.

Guangzhou White Cloud Mountain is a famous historic attraction in Guangzhou, with lots of splendid scenery and places of interest, elected as the historical and new Eight Attractions of Guangzhou. The whole scenic spot consists of seven tourist spots: Pearl Tower Tourist Spot, Mo Xing Ling Tourist Spot, Ming Chun Valley Tourist Spot, San Tai Ling Tourist Spot, Luhu Lake Tourist Spot, Fei E Ling Tourist Spot and He Yi Ling Tourist Spot. Travelers can not only appreciate the natural scenes but also go grassing, take slideway, and enjoy bungee there.

Questions and Answers About White Cloud Mountain

Aileen 2013-10-04
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Hi Lynne,I plan to go rock climbing this weekend in Baiyun Mountain, but I read it''s for professional climbers, I don''t have a lot of experience, do you think it''s ok?
Hi Aileen, I would suggest that you find a rock climbing club in Guangzhou. You can find the professional climbers in the club to go with you. Please let me know if you need any tour service in Guangzhou. Michael Hu replied on 2013-10-04
Bella 2013-08-10
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Hi, How long will it take to explore and climb Baiyun Mountain? and how much is the entrance fee? Thx

It takes about 40 minuets to climb up the Baiyun Mountain, and you could consider to take the cable car if you prefer. Most tourists will spend about 2 hours exploring the mountain includes park nearby. There are more people there in the morning who are doing exercise, and understand their life style.

The entrance fee is CNY5 per person and cable car costs about CNY30 per way. Please feel free to contact us if you need any information/assistance for China trip.

Delia Xie replied on 2013-08-12
Martin Hawes 2013-06-19
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operating times of 841 bus and cable car system?
Dear Martin, The No. 841 bus is available from 6:30am to 22:30pm, and teh cable car in White Clouds mountain scenic is available from 9:00am to 18:00pm. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-06-19
eny 2013-05-01
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Hello, How to get white cloud mountain from shanqian road, yuexiu district, how far, thank you
Dear Eny, It is about 16 km from Mt. white cloud to down town. You could take line 2 subway from Guangzhou railway station to Baiyun park station(白云公园站), where is about 3 km the mountain. Then take a taxi to get there. You also could taxi a taxi to get to the mountain directly. It will be too expensive. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-05-02
catherine 2013-03-01
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Hi. my friends and I have decided to go to macau, zhuhai and guangzhou but we have only five days. What do you recommend? Should I follow tour all the way or can i go to guang zhou on our own? Please let me know the travelling time from zhuhai to guangzhou by coach. can i take a speed train from zhuhai to guangzhouand then follow the tour there? Maybe you can plan an iterinary for us. Thank you

Hi Catherine,  you can spend one day in each city, so time is enough. You can join a tour or go on your own.

You can go to Zhuhai North Railway Station to take the bullet train which takes about 1hr. Check train schedules via here: http://www.chinahighlights.com/china-trains/ or go to Gongbei Bus Station 拱北汽车站 in Zhuhai to take the bus which takes about 2hrs.

We are very glad to arrange the tour for you. Please let me know:

1. the number of people

2. class of hotel: 3/4/5 star

3. starting date

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-03-07
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