Top Places to Shop in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the largest and most flourishing industrial and foreign trade center in south China. The city is overflowing with a business atmosphere, with large shopping malls and popular shopping streets scattered around. See famous shopping streets in China. Don't forget to bargain!

1. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street: Enjoy Grabbing a Bargain

Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is one of the most prosperous three business centers in Guangzhou, consisting of Shangjiu Road, Xiajiu Road, and Dishifu Road. It is a nice destination with various affordable goods, unique Guangzhou-style buildings, and delicious Canton snacks and food.

What you can buy: The street is a summary of Guangzhou people’s eating and clothing. There are hundreds of shops (including numerous department stores) along this 1,218-meter street. The main goods sold there are clothing and cloth. The famous Huanlin Jade Street (a nice place for buying jade articles), and the largest farm products market, Qingping Farm Products Market, are also located there.

Tasting Canton food: After hundreds of years’ development, there are many old and famous restaurants and teahouses, such as Qingping Restaurant (清平饭店), Huang Shang Huang (皇上皇腊味店, well-known for its cured meat), Lianxiang Building (莲香楼, famous for its Canton-style moon cake and various dim sums), TaotaoJu (陶陶居, another famous tea house), and Guangzhou Restaurant (广州酒家). Most of them are located on Dishifu Road. You can also taste the numerous street snacks.    

Cloth, clothing, paper, and herbs: Centered around Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street there is a business area covering 2.5 square kilometers, with several cloth markets, a clothing market, a paper wholesale market, and a Chinese herbal medicine market.

Subway: Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street is in Liwan District. You can take Subway Line 1, get off at Changshou Road (长寿路), take Exit A, and walk about 500 meters along Baohua Road (宝华路, follow the stream of people if you do not know which direction).

2. Tianhe Teemall: Guangzhou's Top International Mall

Teemall is the most prosperous and the most international business center in Guangzhou. The all-encompassing shopping mall offers services of shopping, eating (including Chinese food and Western food), entertainment, bodybuilding, business affairs, and exhibition. However, the large shopping mall has no difference from those in other cities. If you are looking for local products, go elsewhere.

What you can buy: It is not a cheap place to shop, but there is a modern shopping center with a few local shops. International stores include Lacoste, Zara, H&M, and Versace. Guangzhou Book Center, the largest book store in Guangzhou, is also located there.

How to get there: Teemall is near the Guangzhou CBD, Tianhe Sports Center, and Guangzhou East Railway Station. You can take subway line 1 or 3 to Tiyu West Road (体育西路) or a bus stopping at Tianhe (天河站) or Sports Center (体育中心).

3. China Plaza

China Plaza is located at the junction of Zhongshan Third Road, facing Guangzhou Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs. The shopping mall, together with its Grade A office building, is one of Guangzhou's landmarks.

Free Wi-Fi is available in China Plaza.

China Highlights remind you not to show too much interest and not to buy too quickly. You might get a surprise of a lower price if you do not give in too quickly.

What you can buy: China Plaza has 9 floors, including a basement floor. Clothing, mobile phones and accessories, furniture, and food are all available there.

  • Basement floor: Many famous internationally branded goods, including CK, TOMMY, MONGO, and THEME
  • Floor 1: domestic branded goods
  • Floor 2: supper market and video games
  • Floor 3: fashionable clothing and accessories
  • Floor 4: mobile phones, digital products, and accessories
  • Floor 5: furniture
  • Floor 6: Culture City with food, snacks, and clothing and accessories
  • Floor 7: Food Palace with cooking styles of Chinese, Japanese, South Korean, European, and American food
  • Floor 8: cinema and health club

Subway: Take subway line 1, get off at Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs (烈士陵园), and take Exit A.

4. Gangding Computer and Digital Shopping Circle

There are several computer shopping malls in this circle, and the main ones are Tianhe Computer Mall (天河电脑城, at 502 Tianhe Road), Buynow Computer Mall (百脑汇), Pacific Digital Plaza (太平洋电脑城), Guangzhou Computer Mall (广州电脑城), and EGO Digital Plaza (颐高数码广场).

Appliances and various digital products including computers, laptops, tablets, digital cameras, accessories, and software are widely sold there. If you are an enthusiastic fan of digital products, this circle should be a nice place for you. Cheap and fine goods can be founded there: the central premise is that you are a good bargainer with sharp eyes.

  • How to get there: Gangding Computer and Digital Shopping Circle is located in Tianhe District, you can take subway line 3 and get off at Gangding Station (岗顶站).

5. Beijing Road Pedestrian Street (北京路步行街)

Beijing Road Pedestrian Street is a typically crowded place to shop and eat, especially during weekends. There are about 140 stores in this 440-meter street.

The main goods sold there are clothing, articles of daily use, shoes, leather products, bags, food, jewelry, and books. Guangzhou Cartoon Star City (广州动漫星城) nearby has lots of products imported from Japan and South Korea, and is an exciting place for youths and comic fans.

Beijing Road is not far from Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street. Generally, Beijing Road is not as good as Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street, because it does not have so many excellent restaurants and snacks, though it has its own charm.

  • How to get there: Beijing Road (Beijing Lu) is located in Guangzhou city center. You can take subway line 1 or 2, get off at Gongyuanqian (公元前站), and then walk to Beijing Road.
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Questions and Answers About Top Places to Shop in Guangzhou

celest 2014-04-10
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i am going to Guangzhou to the Canton fair next week. I am also looking for fashionable ladies clothing but not the small Asian sizes. American or British medium- large sizes
Dear Celest, We listed many stores and shopping malls on our website, but I am not sure if you could find the American or British medium- large sizes clothes. I suggest you go there to check. Please click: Lussie Lu replied on 2014-04-11
ano sports 2014-04-09
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Were can I buy sport kits and items.
Dear Ano, Hera are some stores for reference. 1.冠军体育用品 address:No.47 Cuijnig street(翠景街47) 2. 奥林体育用品 address:No.108 Feie Road(飞鹅路108号) 3.鲁泰体育用品经营部 address:No.15-5 Shuiyinheng Road(水荫横路15-5) 4.翔羽体育用品 address: No.118 Zhongshan Road(中山六路118号A9铺) Lussie Lu replied on 2014-04-10
Deepak jindal 2014-03-26
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I have one day for shopping in Gaungzhou I need replica watches some digital equipments and toys for kids where should I go which market
Dear Deepak, Here are some options. watchs: Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street(上下九步行街), Beijing Road(北京西路) digital equipments:Haiyin Computer City (海印电脑城), Haiyin Square (海印广场) toys: Wanling Wholesale market(万菱广场玩具精品批发中心) You can check more markets on our website, please click: Lussie Lu replied on 2014-03-26
Anna 2014-03-19
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I''m trying to find a franchise retail women''s clothes named "mirror". I travelled in guangzhou last year and I'' m interested in it but I can''t find it by Internet . Can you help me find the head offices??
Hi Anna, sorry, I didn't find this information either. We are a travel agency. If you need any tour service, please feel free to contact me.
Whitney Liao replied on 2014-03-20
Teresa 2014-03-12
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Where do I buy baking n cooking ware in Guangzhou ..
Hi Teresa, you can buy them at IKEA, near Guangzhou East Railway Station.   Whitney Liao replied on 2014-03-14
Hi I am not really looking at ikea type baking ware actually more of those pans n pots etc guest replied on 2014-03-14
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