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Top Reasons to Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is best known as a shoppers' paradise. However, there is so much more to Hong Kong than shopping. This dynamic and vibrant cosmopolis is a fusion of many cultures. Remnants of its colonial past and the British culture and values, share space with the Chinese tradition. Visitors will have no problem getting around Hong Kong. English is widely used throughout the islands and almost all the street signs are bilingual. Here, China Highlights has listed for you the top reasons to visit Hong Kong. You can also check out recommended top things to do, attractions and destinations to visit in China.

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1. Cultural Kaleidoscope

Hong Kong is a sophisticated fusion of the east and the west. It is under the cultural influences of Cantonese, Mandarin, British, and there are also substantial communities from Hakka, Fujian and Shanghainese people. All the cultures are unique themselves while harmoniously mixed together at the same time.

2. Shopping Paradise

xianggang jiejingShopping in Hong Kong

A famed shoppers' paradise, Hong Kong offers a unique shopping experience. From trendy boutiques to traditional Chinese product stores, from luxurious shopping malls to the bustling street markets, you can find everything from the latest designer fashions and electric products to best-value collectibles and antiques.

3. International Cuisine

Renowned as the culinary capital of Asia, Hong Kong is a world of exquisite, mouth-watering international dining options. Apart from trying the regional Cantonese food, tourists can also enjoy a full choice of authentic Asian and western cuisines. The local dim sum and fresh seafood are must-tries!

4. Colorful Nightlife

victoria harborNight views of the Victoria Harbor

Don't miss the fun at night in Hong Kong. You will find the place that fits your interests. Most bars and pubs are mass in east Tsim Sha Tsui, Lan Kwai Fong and Wan Chai. You can also take a night cruise at the Victoria Harbor to enjoy the view and the Symphony of Lights. Of course, there are many more.

5.Perfect Family Destination

Hong Kong is a perfect destination for family tours, with parks, temples, museums, and natural reserves. Children will have fun meeting cartoon characters in Disneyland, taking a boat ride at a fishing village, and riding the tram all way up to the Victoria Peak.

6. Numerous Festivals and Fairs

wong tai sin templeWong Tai Sin Temple

There are many festivals throughout the year, and whenever you visit Hong Kong, you may have a good chance to experience the unique culture of Hong Kong. Lion and dragon dances, fireworks, festive feasting, carnivals and parades come together to create the festive atmosphere.

7. Convenient Transportation

Hong Kong boasts an excellent transportation network. It bears the reputation as having one of the best transportation systems in the world. It is also very convenient when it comes to getting around within Hong Kong.

8. Gateway for Exploring the Rest of Asia

Hong Kong's location made it the main gateway to China as well as much of East Asia. Therefore, its international air service is excellent and competition keeps the fares relatively low compared to neighboring countries.

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