Hong Kong Weather in September

victoria peakVictoria Peak

Weather: September is the best summer month to visit Hong Kong. It is generally hot and humid with an average of about 15 days of rain. The typhoon season continues and it is the month with the most tropical cyclones. The average low and high temperatures are 26 °C (79 °F) and 30 °C (86 °F).

Clothing: Bring summer clothes, but also a thin sweater or a cardigan in case of cooler temperatures during tropical storms.

Things to Do

The Mid-Autumn Festival: The annual holiday is the second biggest traditional Chinese festival. It usually falls in September, but sometimes the public holiday is in early October. You can take advantage of Hong Kong's warm and sunny subtropical climate to enjoy the festival in comfort. In the streets, you can eat moon cakes while watching lion dances.

Sightsee on Victoria Peak: The fine and clear early fall weather is a fine time to go up Victoria Peak and walk around on the paths that wind around the crown of the mountain. Many people will find summer weather too warm and humid and the winter weather too foggy, grey, and cold on the peak (554 meters or 1,818 feet) for comfort.

Enjoy the Mid-Autumn Fest at Temple Street: This street market is easily accessible, comparatively small, and with a good mix of different kinds of goods that can be bought conveniently along it. On days of the Mid-Autumn Festival, enjoy snacking and dining on hot Chinese food at the many outdoor restaurants while you watch the acrobatic lion dancers or other performers.

  • Good food
  • Geared for international tourists
  • Near Kowloon Park

Travel: September is a busy travel month, especially if the Mid-Autumn Fest falls in it. Both airline tickets and hotel rooms may be difficult to get during the major holiday. Let us help you book flights.

Further Reading

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Hong Kong Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

Date Average High Average Low
September 1 92 °F 33.33 °C 74 °F 23.33 °C
September 2 92 °F 33.33 °C 74 °F 23.33 °C
September 3 92 °F 33.33 °C 74 °F 23.33 °C
September 4 92 °F 33.33 °C 74 °F 23.33 °C
September 5 92 °F 33.33 °C 74 °F 23.33 °C
September 6 92 °F 33.33 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
September 7 92 °F 33.33 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
September 8 92 °F 33.33 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
September 9 92 °F 33.33 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
September 10 92 °F 33.33 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
September 11 92 °F 33.33 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
September 12 92 °F 33.33 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
September 13 92 °F 33.33 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
September 14 92 °F 33.33 °C 73 °F 22.78 °C
September 15 91 °F 32.78 °C 72 °F 22.22 °C
September 16 91 °F 32.78 °C 72 °F 22.22 °C
September 17 91 °F 32.78 °C 72 °F 22.22 °C
September 18 91 °F 32.78 °C 72 °F 22.22 °C
September 19 91 °F 32.78 °C 72 °F 22.22 °C
September 20 91 °F 32.78 °C 72 °F 22.22 °C
September 21 91 °F 32.78 °C 71 °F 21.67 °C
September 22 91 °F 32.78 °C 71 °F 21.67 °C
September 23 91 °F 32.78 °C 71 °F 21.67 °C
September 24 91 °F 32.78 °C 71 °F 21.67 °C
September 25 91 °F 32.78 °C 71 °F 21.67 °C
September 26 90 °F 32.22 °C 71 °F 21.67 °C
September 27 90 °F 32.22 °C 70 °F 21.11 °C
September 28 90 °F 32.22 °C 70 °F 21.11 °C
September 29 90 °F 32.22 °C 70 °F 21.11 °C
September 30 90 °F 32.22 °C 70 °F 21.11 °C

Hong Kong Climate Information by Month

Questions and Answers About Hong Kong Weather in September

Rose Libiran 2013-08-16
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Hi, we are scheduled to visit HK on September 5 to 8, 2013. This is the first time we will go there. May I know if these dates are good as well as the weather? What clothes should we bring and wear? Thank you so much.

Hong Kong is a famous international city, most months of the year includes Sep is the peak season, but the beginning of Sep has few exhibitions and conferences, so yes, it is relatively good time because middle of Sep will be busy and more expensive.

Sep is and Oct is the beginning of autumn, so it will still be hot. However, the weather is unpredictable according to the experience of 2013, so I suggest that you keep an eye on the updated 7-day weather forecast on our website before you fly into. http://www.chinahighlights.com/hong-kong/weather.htm

Delia Xie replied on 2013-08-19
Jovel 2013-01-14
Show Answer
We are going to Hong Kong of September 22 to 25, 2013. My Family first time to visit Hong Kong, can you advise me if this date is good and the weather is okay? Can you also suggest me the cheapest hotel or rooms? Thank you so much

Hi Jovel, it is an excellent time to go to HK. But we are not able to predict the exact weather information on September 22 to 25, 2013. The weather in September is generally hot and humid, with average low and high temperature of  26 °C (79 °F) and 30 °C (86 °F).  It is also the season for typhoons and tropical cyclones.

For hotels in HK, please check here: http://www.chinahighlights.com/hotel/hong-kong-hotels/

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-01-16
maria 2012-09-25
Show Answer
we will be in hong kong from oct. 3 - 6. we are planning to go disneyland, ocean park and victoria peak. i am hoping not much sun, just fair climate. what can we expect on the weather during this dates?

we can not predict the weather in early October. Accroding to the weather forcast, there will be shower on Sep.29th. you can visit the website of Hong Kong Observatory, http://www.hko.gov.hk

Leon Long replied on 2012-09-25
Shirley 2012-09-23
Show Answer
I would like to visit Hong Kong in Nov,any attraction for adult?and suggestion for island too.thanks!

Hi Shirley,  the Ocean Park, Repulse Bay, Aberdeen Harbor, VictoriaPeak, etc. are all can't missing in HK.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-09-23
Jayl 2012-09-21
Show Answer
hi i would be travelling to hong kong on 28th september, kindly advise the temperature here and what sorts of clothes i should bring. thank you.

Hi Jayl, September is still the season for typhoon. It is the month with the most tropical cyclones (4.6 on average). The temperatures is 26 °C (79 °F) - 30 °C (86 °F). But at the end of the month, it will be cooler. You can prepare T-shirt or long- leeveshirt and a thin coat in case the temperature drops occasionally.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-09-24
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