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Dongchuan Red Land near Kunming


Luoxiagou, or Luoxia Valley at Dongchuan Red Land near Kunming is considered to be the most magnificent red land in the world besides the red land in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with its beauty more sublime than that in Brazil. It is the most massive red land with typical features of Yunnan highland plateau. With gorgeous and colorful hues, Dongchuan Red Land is praised as a palette on earth, and is more and more favored by backpackers, hikers and photographers.


Yunnan is located in the warm and humid area of Southwest China. The soil there is rich in iron mineral, and after many years of oxidization and sedimentation, it gradually takes on beautiful reddish brown colors.

dongchuan red land Charming views of Dongchuan Red land

Dongchuan Red Land refers to a large area of red land located in Xintian Town northeast of Kunming City. Every year from September to December, part of the red land is ploughed for planting, while another part of the red land has already been planted with crops. The whole multi-colored land with the blue sky, white clouds and changing hues create a magnificent view.

Viewed from afar, the hills and fields appear in all kinds of red colors. Flowers blossom on the hill peaks and slopes, together with golden blades of wheat waving with breeze, creating layers of colors that reach far away. People visiting Dongchuan are suggested to get up early and come back late, because the sunrise and sunrise are all so engaging.

Luoxiagou (Sunset Clouds Ditch) is considered one of the most beautiful sites at Dongchuan Red Land. As its name suggests, Luoxiagou is where sunset clouds dwell. Its beauty is beyond description or drawing. Its beauty changes with winds, clouds, sunlight, plantation and viewing angles.

Beautiful scenery of LuoxiagouSun shines on Luoxiagou, one of the most beautiful sites at Dongchuan Red Land.

Luoxiagou being the most beautiful sight of Dongchuan Red Land is for 3 reasons. Firstly, it has breathtaking views. Luoxiagou is in fact a ridge, with steep mountains standing at both sides; a village is situated between the high and steep slopes, and its trees, buildings and roads are orderly arranged. Surrounding the village is the vast field. Secondly, it has beautiful curves. The field on the ridge is ploughed according to the terrain contour lines, forming numerous large and small beautiful circles. Thirdly, it has red surfaces. The whole ridge in red shows the typical features of this red land.


Dongchuan Red Land is located about 250 kilometers (155 miles) northeast of Kunming, with an altitude of 1800-2600 meters above sea level.

Best Time to Visit

The best time for photography there is from mid-May to early-June and from mid-October till November each year. In the winter when it snows, the scenery will be quite different, but the road most likely to be frozen and blocked.

In fact, different seasons offer different views. In summer, potato flowers blossom and wheat is ripe, while in autumn some parts of the red land are ploughed, waiting to be seeded while others are covered with green barley or wheat or other crops. Besides, the unique white Cole Flowers are in bloom. According to local villagers, the scenery is the most beautiful on the third day after raining, because then the land is saturated with rain water, which makes the colors look richer, and sometimes rainbows appear above the red land.