The Largo Do Senado Historic Square

Macau is a now a mega-resort and casino center, but before 1999, it was a small Portuguese colony. The Largo do Senado square was once the governmental center of the colony. It is listed as part of the Historic Center of Macau UNESCO World Heritage, and it is one of the best places to see the old Macau.

The square's notable attractions are its old buildings including the Senate Building, the Post Office, and St. Dominic's Church. The Chinese herbal medicine stores just to the north of St. Dominic's Church are also notable for the quality, price, and selection.

Tour the Square

You can take a short free bus ride from the biggest casinos such as the Venetian to the historic square on San Ma Lo.

The square is actually shaped more like a triangle with St. Dominic's Church sitting at the apex. At the base near San Ma Lo Road (Av. de Almeida Ribeiro), there is the old senate building (Leal Senado, 1784) and the old post office. The wavy black and white tile pattern gives a dreamy feeling.

You can't see St. Dominic's Church from San Ma Lo Road. It sits in its own small square, and is presently open only during mass. Just follow the wavy tiles to the church.

It would have a very old world look, but the Chinese signs and milling crowd of mainlanders takes away the Old World feeling. Tourist shops and a McDonalds now occupy the old pastel facades.

Nearby Attractions

The nearby cluster of the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral (1627) and Monte Fortress (1627) are about 400 meters northeast of the square. Macau Museum (15 HKD ticket), in Monte Fortress, is the best place to learn about Macau's history and the Portuguese era.

Tour Macau with China Highlights

A visit to Macau is best combined with a Hong Kong tour. Spend 2 nights in Macau with our Macau Essence Tour, or visit Macau from Hong Kong in a day.

Travel Information

  • Buses: Take a hotel or casino bus, or the No. 3, 3A, 4, 8A, 10, or 10A to Av. De Almeida Ribeiro (San Ma Lo Road).
  • Ferries to/from Hong Kong: You can take bus 3 from San Ma Lo to the Macau Ferry Terminal in about 10 minutes for 2.5 HKD. Jetfoils ply the route in about an hour.

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