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Macau Weather in August

Weather: August is a hot and humid month. Downpours, bright sunshine, and high humidity can make the weather feel oppressively uncomfortable for unacclimatised tourists. Spending the day indoors helps. The hotel buses are comfortable and air-conditioned.

In August, there is a daily average high temperature of 31 °C (88 °F) and an average low temperature of 26 °C (79 °F). Tropical storms or typhoons help to bring in a whopping 352 mm or so of rain, and it rains about 16 days of the month.

To make sure that your trip goes smoothly, stay informed on the weather. Be aware that the territory's long bridges might close during the typhoons. Flights may also be cancelled during seriously bad weather.

Clothing: Summer cloths such as shorts, T-shirts, and summer skirts will do outside. Sunglasses and hats might prove a relief from the bright sun. The sunlight glares off all the reflecting glass and pavement in the city. Pack an umbrella.

Things to Do

It is the right kind of weather to go to a beach such as Heisha (or Hac Sa, Black Sand) Beach. August is a good time for swimming too.

Go to the Macau Museum: The museum is in Monte Fort. There are displays and artifacts from the early history of the colony, displays about the region's culture, and modern artwork by Macau artists.

See Monte Fort: It is a great historical attraction and is listed as being part of a UNESCO World Heritage group of local sites. The 400-year-old fort, covers 10,000 square meters, and looks like a medieval castle. If you are there in the evening and the weather is fine, look down from the walls on the shimmering colorful casino lights and see the colors of the sunset.

August is generally in the low travel season. 

Room rates for hotel rooms and the price of flights and train tickets are lower than usual. To take advantage of low season for touring, see our Macau Tours and let us help you to arrange and economize your trip.

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Further Reading

Macau Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage High Average Low
August   189 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   289 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   389 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   489 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   589 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   689 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   789 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   889 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   989 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   1089 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   1189 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   1289 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   1389 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   1489 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   1589 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   1689 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   1789 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   1889 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   1989 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2089 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2189 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2289 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2389 °F31.67 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2488 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2588 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2688 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2788 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2888 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   2988 °F31.11 °C80 °F26.67 °C
August   3088 °F31.11 °C79 °F26.11 °C
August   3188 °F31.11 °C79 °F26.11 °C

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