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Macau Weather in November

Weather: November has the best weather.Generally, it is warm or cool and sunny during the day, and cool and mild at night with almost no rainfall and low humidity. The average maximum daily temperature is about 23°C (73°F), and the average minimum temperature is 18°C (64°F). It'sideal weather for tourists to go to the outdoor attractions.

The month gets about 43 mm of rain, and it rains about 5 days in the month. There is almost no bad weather in this month, but the city does get smog from the north. The sunny weather might be a real attraction for those coming from dark and cold northern latitudes.

Clothing: Jackets, long-sleeve shirts, long skirts, or pants are in order. Sunglasses and hats might prove a relief from the bright sun and all the reflecting glass.

Things to Do

See the Ruins of St. PaulThis is a historical attraction to go to for a quick break and excursion. It is what remains of a cathedral. The facade was built by Japanese craftsmen, and many tourists find it fascinating. It is 27 meters high and almost 400 years old. 

See Monte Fort: Near the ruins of the church, there is a large solidly built old fortress. It is a great historical attraction and is listed as being part of a UNESCO World Heritage group of local sites. It's a 400-year-old fort, covers 10,000 square meters, and looks like a medieval castle. If you are there in the evening and the weather is fine, from the walls you can see the shimmering and colorful casino lights and see the colors of the sunset.

Go to the Macau Museum: The museum is in Monte Fort. This museum might be good to take in during a different excursion instead of seeing the ruins and the museum on the same excursion. Relax during your vacation so that you can enjoy it. There are displays and artifacts from the early history of the colony, displays about the region's culture, and modern artworks.

November is a peak travel month.

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Further Reading

Macau Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
November   179 °F26.11 °C69 °F20.56 °C
November   279 °F26.11 °C69 °F20.56 °C
November   378 °F25.56 °C69 °F20.56 °C
November   478 °F25.56 °C69 °F20.56 °C
November   578 °F25.56 °C68 °F20 °C
November   678 °F25.56 °C68 °F20 °C
November   778 °F25.56 °C68 °F20 °C
November   877 °F25 °C67 °F19.44 °C
November   977 °F25 °C67 °F19.44 °C
November   1077 °F25 °C67 °F19.44 °C
November   1176 °F24.44 °C67 °F19.44 °C
November   1276 °F24.44 °C66 °F18.89 °C
November   1376 °F24.44 °C66 °F18.89 °C
November   1476 °F24.44 °C66 °F18.89 °C
November   1575 °F23.89 °C65 °F18.33 °C
November   1675 °F23.89 °C65 °F18.33 °C
November   1775 °F23.89 °C65 °F18.33 °C
November   1874 °F23.33 °C64 °F17.78 °C
November   1974 °F23.33 °C64 °F17.78 °C
November   2074 °F23.33 °C64 °F17.78 °C
November   2173 °F22.78 °C63 °F17.22 °C
November   2273 °F22.78 °C63 °F17.22 °C
November   2373 °F22.78 °C63 °F17.22 °C
November   2472 °F22.22 °C62 °F16.67 °C
November   2572 °F22.22 °C62 °F16.67 °C
November   2672 °F22.22 °C62 °F16.67 °C
November   2771 °F21.67 °C61 °F16.11 °C
November   2871 °F21.67 °C61 °F16.11 °C
November   2971 °F21.67 °C61 °F16.11 °C
November   3071 °F21.67 °C60 °F15.56 °C

Macau Climate Information by Month