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Basic Tibet Access Package: Tibet Entry Permit + Private Guide

Tibet Permit + Private Guide for 2014

    The Freestyle Tour
    - Just you and a local expert, your free to discover Tibet in a more authentic way

    We are currently the only travel agent in the world providing the basic Tibet access package: “Tibet Entry Permit + Tibet Travel Guide”.

    Cooperating with the two largest Tibet local travel agents, we can 95% (during the stable political situation) guarantee that you will obtain a Tibet permit.

    Authentic, honest, local guides, hand-picked by China Highlights will help you not just tour Tibet but experience it, and are very helpful with any problems you may encounter in Tibet.
  • HASSLE-FREE Booking
    Just provide China Highlights the required documents and we will do the rest.

A new EXCLUSIVE product is being launched by China Highlights: “Tibet Entry Permit + Tibet Travel Guide” (the two integral things required for you to travel in Tibet).

If you have researched travel to Tibet, you will know that you can’t get a Tibet Entry Permit unless you buy a Tibet tour from an official Chinese travel agent. This has bothered free-spirited travelers and backpackers, who do not want to be tied to a fixed itinerary, for a long time. Now this problem has been solved by China Highlights, by cooperating with the two largest Tibet local travel agents.

The Booking Process

Decide a Suitable Tibet Itinerary

You must have a suitable and fixed Tibet travel plan at least a month before you come to China to apply for the permits required (you may only enter and exit Tibet via Lhasa). Applications for entering Tibet from, e.g Katmandu in Nepal, or other non-Chinese entry/exit cities are beyond our current capability. Applications should be made in the appropriate location, e.g. Katmandu.

Tibet Entry PermitTibet Entry Permit

Please ensure that any Tibet travel arrangements you make allow, e.g. space in a car, for your guide, and that you cover the guide's ground costs.The city from where you enter Lhasa and the city you exit Lhasa for must agree with the cities you fill in the booking table.

Your travel plan should only include what is permitted by the Tibet Entry Permit. Certain areas of Tibet require further permits. Tentative additional plans should be made for such areas. You should apply for additional permits once in Tibet. See below.

Applying for a Tibet Entry Permit  (Application not available from January to March.)

The following documents should be provided at least one month in advance.

  • A copy of your passport;
  • A copy of your China visa (tourist visa); and
  • A completed form with full name, gender, date of birth, passport number, nationality, occupation, dates of entry and exit of Tibet, and cities of entry and exit for Tibet. The cities you use to enter and exit Tibet must agree with the cities shown in your permit. Differences in any detail will result in non-allowance of entry to Tibet.

Additional Requirements for Z visa Customers

Z visa (working visa) holders are required to provide additional information to Tibet Tourism Bureau to get a Tibet Entry Permit.

If you are a Z visa holder working in China, Chinese certification of your employment from your company in China, and certification of your city of residence from your local Public Security Bureau, is required.

Delivery of Tibet Entry Permits

Yamdrok Lake Yamdrok Lake

Your Tibet Entry Permit will be delivered to you in China.

Because the Tibet Entry Permit is very important, and can’t be reissued if lost, it is strongly recommended that we deliver it to our local office in the city where you depart for Tibet, e.g. Chengdu if by air, or Golmud if by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Our local staff will get it and waiting for you to collect it at no extra cost. You are required to present your Tibet Entry Permit when boarding a flight or train to Tibet.

Alternatively, our local staff can hand deliver it to you at your hotel (at extra cost according to different cities and hotels).
If you insist that your Tibet Entry Permit is delivered to your hotel in China, China Highlights will not be responsible if it is lost. Some hotels refuse to receive important documents like Tibet Entry Permits.

The permit can't be delivered to remote places, such as Jiuzhaigou, but only to larger cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, and Guangzhou. If you book our 24/7 private airport transfer service, our English-speaking guide will hand deliver it to you.
The delivery procedure is usually about a week. Urgent deliveries take 1 to 2 days and cost about 35 USD. 

Additional Tibet Permits

 “Tibet Entry Permit + Tibet Travel Guide” is a basic Tibet access package that only covers travel in the following Tibetan prefectures: Lhasa, Shigatse, and Namtso.

Tibet Travel Permits

Tibet Entry Permit + Tibet Travel Guide + Tibet Travel Permit , also called an Aliens' Travel Permit (ATP), is required if you want to visit Nyingchi County, Mount Everest, Shalu Monastery, and Sakya Monastery. (New places may be added to the list. Please contact us for the latest policy.)

Jokhang TempleJokhang Temple

The Tibet Travel Permit is issued by the Foreign Affairs Section of the Local Public Security Bureau (PSB). The Law on the Control of Entry and Exit of Foreigners (Order of the President of the People's Republic of China No. 31, 1985-11-22, Chapter 4) says:

  1. Article 20: Foreigners who hold valid visas or residence certificates may travel to places declared open to foreigners by the Chinese Government.
  2. Article 21: Foreigners who desire to travel to places closed to foreigners shall apply for travel permits from local public security organs [i.e. the police].

Military Permits

Tibet Entry Permit + Tibet Travel Guide + Travel Permit + Military Permit + a Foreign Affairs Office document, is required to visit Lhoka (Shannan) Prefecture, Nagqu Prefecture, and Chamdo Prefecture (New places may be added to the list. Please contact us for the latest policy.). The Military Permit is issued by the Military Office in Lhasa.

Other places are closed to foreigners, unless you have specific documents issued by People's Liberation Army General Staff Department.


China Highlights will try our best to arrange Tibet permits for our customers, but we can not 100% guarantee that you will obtain a permit from the Tibet Tourism Bureau, or other authorities, even if you provide all of the information they need. If unfortunately, the Tibet Travel Permit is not available, payments are 100% refundable. China Highlights will assist our customers on finding alternatives like change destinations, while customers will take care of the surcharge that caused by making changes.

Special Note:

Reservations are required for many attractions in Tibet including the most famous: Potala Palace. China Highlights can book the tickets for you.

Hiring a car with China Highlights will make your Tibet travel more easy and comfortable. The experienced driver Hand-picked by China Highlights will provide safe and efficient transfer for you and are very helpful with any problems you may encounter in Tibet. You are only to sit back and admiring the beautiful scenery on the road.

China Highlights also provides well-designed Tibet tours for you to experience its religious culture, breathtaking natural scenery, and traditional customs.