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Mount Kailash

Altitude: 6,638 meters or 21,778 feet

Location: Ngari in West Tibet, near India

Touching one of the Holiest Mountains of South Asian Religions

The peak is a religious destination for Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bons. A special religious act is to walk around it. Many Tibetans in good shape try to walk the 52 kilometer or 32 mile path in a day. But most people do a more leisurely walk that takes three days, and they camp out two nights.

Far, Far, Away....

Shielded behind Himalayan mountains, and locked away politically in an isolated and mostly uninhabited area near the border with India, no one has climbed the peak. The border is mostly closed except for fortunate Indians with special permits at one border crossing out of Uttarkashi.

So most tourists start out from Shigatse. The journey takes about three days.  

The Rewards....

You can see some beautiful scenery. But the sight of people of various races and religions coming together to seek for a better life with great passion might astound you.

Two beautiful lakes sit at its foot. Lake Rakshastal is considered a lake of demons and people avoid even touching it lest they get cursed. Lake Manasarovar is considered a place where a true believer can become a god or get very good fortune.

Some Indian pilgrims on a "yatra" pilgrimage wait for years to do a kora walk around Mt. Kailash, and the journey is a highlight of their lives.

Essential Travel Details

We can help you get there.

Let us help you arrange a trip to the area, or go with our guided tour. Our Tibetan tours can include a hike around Mt. Kailash. We can help you get a foreigner entry permit for Tibet.

  • Road trip: A good two lane highway called G219 links the Kailash area with Shigatse.
  • Season: The area is difficult to travel to in the winter, so summer and early fall are best.
  • Altitude sickness and preparation: The high altitude makes it dangerous for unacclimatized people to exert themselves. It is suggested that you prepare physically and bring the right equipment and clothes if you are planning a hike.

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