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China's Top 7 Most Popular Aquariums and Ocean Worlds

Not only enjoying a remarkable wealth of splendid mountains and rivers, China also owns a lion's share of ocean tourism resources. Many famous aquariums and ocean parks in China have become more and more popular as must-go places, visited by many travelers every year.

We at China Highlights have listed the seven most popular aquariums and ocean parks in China for you. You can contact us for a customized tour to see them.

1. Beijing Aquarium

Beijing Aquarium is Asia's biggest aquarium, with the most complete facilities. It is located in Beijing Zoo near Beijing Exhibition Center, Beijing Planetarium, and Capital Gymnasium, with good accessibility.

Thousands of aquatic creatures and species can be seen in this aquarium. The performances of the feeders and dolphins or sharks are highlights of Beijing Aquarium.

It is divided into 6 parts, including the Tropical Forests, the Touchable Pond, the Undersea Loop, the Shark Pier, Chinese Sturgeon Hall, the Dolphin-Whale Bay, as well as the Oceanic Theater. The diversified performances by dolphins and other ocean stars of Beijing Aquarium are on air everyday.

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2. Hong Kong Ocean Park

hong kong ocean park

Hong Kong Ocean Park is a large ocean-based theme park located on the other side of Victoria Peak from the main Hong Kong city urban area. It is one of the main parks in Hong Kong, alongside Hong Kong Disneyland Park.

Supported with the beautiful coastal scenery and covering a large area, Hong Kong Ocean Park has advanced facilities, such as a panda exhibit where travelers can see the giant pandas, transportation systems, the huge four-story aquarium, and the walk-through shark aquarium. In addition, the funny modern rides are popular among children and even adults.

The laboratories for research, the education department, and the collection of funds for wildlife preservation and research are also important parts of the park.

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3. Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Located in the middle of the south coast of Dalian, Tiger Beach Ocean Park covers a large area of 1,180,000 square meters, and stretches along the coastline more than 4,000 meters. It is a giant and magnificent theme park blending sightseeing, entertainment, research, shopping, and culture.

The park is equipped with complete facilities and many huge exhibition halls. Among them, Coral Exhibition Hall is the biggest coral creatures exhibition hall in Asia. Polar Pavilion is the world's biggest polar aquatic creatures exhibition hall.a.

China's longest cableway stretching over the sea and sightseeing boats are enjoyed by many travelers, and the facilities for entertainment are exciting and adventurous.

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4. Dalian Shengya Ocean World

With the longest transparent underwater sea tunnel in Asia, a moving passageway leads tourists through the tunnel to get a close look at various fishes, sharks, and other creatures in the sea. Dalian Shengya Ocean World is almost as attractive and popular as Dalian Tiger Beach Ocean Park.

A great number of aquatic species, such as coral reefs, tropical fishes and other rare species can be appreciated there. Like other aquariums, the performances of divers feeding and interacting with the sharks is one of the highlights.

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5. Shenzhen Ocean World

Shenzhen Ocean World is situated on the Golden Coast in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. There are many attractions in the Ocean World, including 8 pavilions and 2 parks, of which Polar Pavilion, the Aquarium, Shark Pavilion, and a serious of 17 special performances are outstanding.

The theater in the Ocean World has a huge capacity of more than 3,000 people. The interesting performances of dolphins and other aquatic creatures are spoken highly of. You can also see sharks, seashells, and other rare aquatic species there.

There are many performances held everyday in Shenzhen Ocean World. You can appreciate the magic of the ocean and the moving connections between human and animal at the same time.

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6. Shanghai Oceanarium

shanghai aquarium

Located near the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong New District of Shanghai, Shanghai Oceanarium, with convenient transport, is one of the world's biggest man-made sea water aquariums.

The main buildings of Shanghai Oceanarium, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters, look like two pyramids. There are 28 large themed display areas with various aquatic creatures, such as the eight large display zones: Asia, South America, Australia, Africa, Cold Water, Polar Region, Sea Water, and Ocean Deep.

Some rare aquatic organisms are displayed. Some halls exhibit cultures and environments of the world.

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7. Qingdao Polar Ocean World

Qingdao Polar Ocean World has rich sea resources, as Qingdao is a coastal city surrounded by beautiful sea scenery. It is a sophisticated building complex of leisure, entertainment, shopping, and culture.

More than 200 kinds of polar creatures live in the ocean world. There are 36 exhibition halls. Among them, the Polar Creatures Pavilion is the major one, which has the most species. Dolphins and Arctic wolves are the stars of Qingdao Polar Ocean World.

Dolphins and other aquatic creature performances are enjoyed there. The theaters in the ocean world provide many opportunities for travelers to discover the secrets of the ocean.

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