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How to Keep in Touch in China

Email and Internet

Email facilities are available in most hotels and many have internet connections in the rooms. Internet cafes are plentiful and inexpensive in China.


China Phone

Phone booths are commonly available in major cities but rare in rural areas or in the far west.  Cellular phones from other countries work in China. These calls can be expensive so it would be wise to talk to you local provider before leaving your home country. Hotel phones can be very expensive.

China Highlights offers phone retanl service for those who want to contact with family while traveling in China. 

International phone calls can be made from most hotels but please be aware that that the call rates may be expensive.

Many mobile phones have global roaming which will allow calls to be made as if you are at home. Please check your phone service provider to obtain call rates. Yangtze River cruises use satellite phone for communications.

Internal call: to make an international call from China please use the following procedure:-

  • e.g. to dial USA 00 (to get an international line) 1 (country code)
    (then area code without any zeros)(then ph number)
    001 215 999 9999

  • To Britain 00 44 66 333 3333

Domestic calls 0773 999 9999
(area code) (phone number)

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