Guangzhou to Hong Kong Transportation

Guangzhou does not border with Hong Kong. Traveling between these two cities, the non-stop ways can be train transport, coach transport, air transport and ship transport. Of course, you also can take a bullet train or a coach to Shenzhen (a city borders with Hong Kong), and then get to Hong Kong via the ports in Shenzhen. Hong Kong and Guangzhou are two of the most modern cities in China, and are the heavens of shopping. China Highlights offers a great number of well-designed and customizable Guangzhou tours and Hong Kong tours, during which you can have as much time as you want for shopping when you have seen the sights. You can also contact us to design your own tour in China.

Train Transport: Guangzhou–Kowloon through Train

Guangjiu (Guangzhou-Kowloon in Hong Kong) Railway stretches from Guangzhou in the north to Hung Hom, Kowloon in the south. There are 12 pairs of trains (namely Guangzhou–Kowloon through trains, 广九直通车) running between Guangzhou and Hong Kong every day. The Guangzhou-Kowloon trains consist of three kinds of trains: the KTT double-decker train, the single-decker bullet train and the common single-decker train.

Essentials for Purchasing A Ticket

  • Children under 5 can take the train for free, children aged 5–10 should buy half-price tickets, and people over 10 should buy the tickets with full paying.
  • You should arrive at the railway station 45 minutes before train’s departure, to go through your exit formalities, and the boarding gate closes 15 minutes before the train’s departure.
  • About refunding a ticket: If you refund a ticket 3 days before the train’s departure (before 11:00a.m.), you need pay 30% of the face value as a refund charge, and that for refunding a ticket 2 hours before the train’s departure is 50% of the face value. You cannot refund a ticket when the train will depart in less than 2 hours.
  • The Guangzhou–Kowloon through train stops at Dongguan on the way, and the length of the time for a voyage is about 2 hours. The ticket prices are: HKD 190 for a first class ticket and HKD 230 for a super class ticket.  Below is the timetable for the Guangzhou–Kowloon through train.
From Guangzhou East Railway Station to KowloonFrom Kowloon to Guangzhou East Railway Station
TrainDeparture TimeArrival TimeTrainDeparture TimeArrival Time

Coach Transport: An Effective Choice

The length of the time for a voyage between Guangzhou and Hong Kong by coach is about 3.5 hours. Coach transport is an effective way for traveling between these two cities. You will arrive at Shenzhen first, and then get to Hong Kong mainly via Shenzhen Wan Port and via Huanggang Port. Every day, there are a lot of buses running between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. The service of coach transport between Guangzhou and Hong Kong are offered by several companies. Below is the brief introduction for the most popular two lines.

Shenggangtong Express Line 省港通快线: The Cheapest Choice

Shenggangtong Express Line has 12 buses operated for the transportation between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. In you are in Guangzhou, you can catch a bus in Huaxia Hotel (华夏酒店), which is quite near Haizhu Square (海珠广场), Jinhan Station (锦汉车站), which is facing Yuexiu Park (越秀公园), Dongfang Hotel (东方宾馆), and New Tianhe Hotel (新天河宾馆), which is facing Tianhe Book Shopping Center (天河购书中心). On the way to Hong Kong, you can get off the coach at Yau Ma Tei (油麻地), Mong Kok (旺角) or Kwai Fong (葵芳), all of which also can be the boarding points for taking a coach to Guangzhou.
Consult telephone number for voyage from Guangzhou to Hong Kong: 13527784112/13527784103
Consult telephone number for voyage from Hong Kong to Guangzhou: 13501507381/00852-23911192.

Gangzhonglü Express Line 港中旅快线: With the Most Scheduled Coaches

Guangzhonglü Express Line has two lines: A line and B line, which has near 40 coaches operated for the transportation between Guangzhou and Hong Kong. The departure frequency is half an hour. Hence, this line could be the first choice for business travelers.

From Guangzhou to Hong Kong, the boarding points in Guangzhou are: Poli Hotel (珀丽酒店, located in 348 Jiangnan Middle Avenue, 江南大道中348号), Dongshan Hotel (东山宾馆, located in 44 Sanyu Road, Yuexiu District, 越秀区三育路44号), Hotel Garden (花园酒店, located in 368 Huanshi East Road, Yuexiu District, 越秀区环市东路368号) and Haitao Hotel (海涛酒店, located in 208-210 Huangpu West Avenue, Tianhe District, 天河区黄埔大道西208号-210号); and the disboarding point in Hong Kong are: Weijin Hotel in Mong Kok (旺角维景酒店), Tuen Mun Center (屯门市中心), Hong Kong International Airport, Tsuen Wan Subway Station (荃湾地铁站), Shun Tak Centre (上环信德中心), Hong Kong Disneyland Park and Wanchai Subway Station (湾仔地铁站). However, you are advised to consult the ticket seller when buying a ticket, because some coaches might not arrive at Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong Disneyland Park.

Air Transport: A Costly Choice

Air transport is an expensive but not very swift way (because you need to spend some time on arriving the airport) for traveling between Guangzhou and Hong Kong, and the length of the time for a voyage between Guangzhou and Hong Kong is about 1 hour. Every day, there are several flights available for your selection. You can search and book a flight for traveling between Guangzhou and Hong Kong in China Highlights’ China flight.

Ship Transport: An Uncrowded Choice

The length of the time for a voyage by ship is about 2 hours. The ticket for the voyage from Guangzhou to Hong Kong is approximate 145 yuan, and that for the voyage from Hong Kong to Guangzhou is HKD173. Of course you can buy a round-trip ticket, which costs you about 230 yuan in Guangzhou. The boarding/alighting ports are Lianhuashan Ferry Terminal in Panyu, Guangzhou (广州番禺莲花山港口) and China Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong (香港中港城码头).

Below is the ship schedule (the bold scheduled ships make stop at Guangzhou Nansha Port).
Guangzhou to Hong Kong: 08:30, 10:20, 13:20, 15:20and 18:00
Hong Kong to Guangzhou: 07:50, 09:00, 10:50, 14:00and 18:20

Traveling between Guangzhou and Hong Kong via Shenzhen

Shenzhen is the only city in Chinese mainland boards with Hong Kong, and it very convenient for you traveling between Guangzhou and Hong Kong via Shenzhen, because the transportation between Guangzhou and Shenzhen is really swift and convenient. You can check out our carefully-prepared information about Guangzhou-Shenzhen transportation and Shenzhen Hong Kong transportation.

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Questions and Answers About Guangzhou to Hong Kong Transportation

betty 2014-04-09
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which is cheaper - from gz to hk by train with 8 adults or hire a minivan with driver?
Feby Parera 2014-03-03
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I plan to go to Shenzhen, if i wanted to stay at the hotel near Windows of the world, what district should I focus on to choose the hotel ?
Hi Feby, the Windows of the World is located in Nanshan District, you can focus on this district. Whitney Liao replied on 2014-03-05
Thanks Whitney , anyway can you also give me any clue of what places should i visit in GuangZhoue , only for sightseeing. Thanks guest replied on 2014-03-11
Hi Feby,below are are some attractions in Guangzhou recommended to you: the Chen Ancestral Shrine, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Museum of Nanyue King, Canton Tower, Shamian Island, Yuexiu Park, Baiyun Mountain, etc. Whitney Liao replied on 2014-03-12
Ken Futterman 2014-02-21
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I am landing in Guanghou and going to Kowloon. Looks like train is best option. How do i get from the airport to the train station?
Dear Ken, Thank you for the inquiry. The most convenient way from the airport to the Guangzhou East Railway Station (where the train departs to Hong Kong) is to take the metro. Please take metro Line 3 at the airport, and get off at the Guangzhou East Railway Station. Doris Huang replied on 2014-02-22
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