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Yellow River Civilization

Yellow River Civilization Yellow River Civilization

The Yellow River or Huang He, the second-longest river in China at 5,464 kilometers, wanders through nine provinces in north China. As the Chinese regard yellow as an emblem of loess land, the emperor, the yellow skin and the legendary Chinese Dragon. Therefore Chinese refer to the river as not just a river, but "the Mother River" and "the Cradle of the Chinese civilization".

30 million years ago, ancient Chinese started to live by the shore of the Yellow River and played the overture of the ancient Chinese civilization. The ashes which dated back to 10 thousand years ago spread all over the Yellow River basin. It is the birthplace of the ancient Chinese civilizations and is the most prosperous region in early Chinese history. 6 thousand years ago, as a representative of the matriarchal culture, Banpo clan had existence on the Loess land of north China.

The reign of Chinese ancient emperors of several dynasties promotes the development of ancient Chinese civilizations to the peak. Gunpowder, the compass, paper making, printing, poetry, Song Ci, the Yellow River civilization is the Yuan Dynasty in glittering gems, all of these invention and scientific achievements not only promote Chinese culture development, but also spread to the rest of the world, made an important contribution to the culture development of human beings.

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