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5-Day Guizhou Spring Tour

Experience the Vitality of Guizhou

5-Day Guizhou Spring Tour

Guizhou Province has long been an underachiever in economic development. However, its unique landscape has preserved much of its original ecology and traditional culture.

—'Guizhou is a beautiful lady secluded in the mountains.'

Let’s visit her this spring! Walk among the incredible azalea flowers, witness its nationally-famous waterfall, experience camping in a limestone cave, learn the heritage crafts of its local minority people, and discover China’s great projects hidden in the mountains and how they have changed the fate of Guizhou.

Tour "wow" Points

Dive into the Ocean of Azalea Flowers (for tours in April)

Visit the biggest 'natural garden' in the world. Walk in the colorful azalea forest. It is just like wandering in a fairyland.

the bridge with a pavillion
the street of the old town

Be Embraced by the Lovely Colors of Spring — Greens and Pinks (for tours in middle March)

Walk on a big farm with a cherry forest and tea plantation. When your right-hand side is light pink and the other side is fresh green, you may feel like you are delightfully sandwiched by two flavors of cake — cherry and matcha tea flavors!

cherry and tea
cherry blossom

Feel the Power and Gentleness of Guizhou's Magnificent Waterfalls

Enjoy the magnificent view of the Huangguoshu waterfall. It has a powerful “melody” created by water and land. Its spray on your face feels like a veil of silk.

Huangguoshu waterfall

Hike among the Peak Forest

Follow a local ethnic minority villager to explore his/her remarkable homeland. The quirky landscape, peaceful villages, and optimistic people who make their living there are all highlights.

green fields and peaks
green mountains and yellow rice fields

Experience Camping in a Limestone Cave

Stay in a vaulted masterpiece of the karst landscape. Enjoy a meal cooked by local Buyi people (one of China’s official ethnic minorities) and listen to their stories.

camping in a cave
bonfire in a cave

Marvel at the World's Largest Radio Telescope Inlaid into the Mountains

You may fail to feel how advanced Guizhou is (in places) until you pay a visit to FAST (Five-hundred-meter-Aperture Spherical radio Telescope). It might help us to connect with extraterrestrial intelligence one day!.

radio telescope

Learn to Make Traditional Handicrafts with Local Minority People

Dye a handkerchief with wax in a beautiful traditional pattern designed by Guizhou's Miao people. Or learn to make a bird cage with a beautiful Miao girl.

make a bird cage
draw the pattern with wax

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Itinerary Quick Look

Here is a suggested itinerary. We are happy to customize a tour according to your interests.

DAY 1 Guiyang Arrival and Head for Dafang

Your personal guide and drive will meet you at the airport. You will have a 2-hour drive from the airport to Dafang, where the azalea forest park is.

DAY 2 Dafang to Anshun | Azalea Forests

Walk in the azalea forest park before the day-tour tourists arrive. Enjoy the different colors and different species of azalea. Cross a suspension bridge to reach a pavilion on the top of a hill for an incredible view of this "azalea ocean". Your guide will help you to find the best places for pictures.

Head for Anshun in the afternoon.

DAY 3 Anshun to Ditang | A Great Waterfall

Visit Huangguoshu Waterfall in the morning. It's the largest waterfall in China. Enjoy the magnificent views created by the tumbling river and karst formations. Walk into the cave behind the waterfall, which was the home of the monkey king in the famous Chinese novel "The Journey to the West", making Huangguoshu the earliest Waterfall in Chinese literature.

We'll drive to Ditang in the afternoon, where you will camp in a limestone cave overnight. The local Buyi people will come to cook for you. Enjoy a special "cave dinner" with a mountain view at nightfall.

DAY 4 Ditang to Danzhai | Peak Forest Hiking and Discover a Colossal Telescope

Be woken up by the birds'singing. Follow a local Buyi villager to explore the nearby peak forest, passing rice paddies and Buyi villages. Let your local villager guide unveil his/her hard but happy life.

Drive to Danzhai in the afternoon. Visit the site of the enormous FAST telescope on the way. Witness the world's largest aperture and understand how it is a world-leader. The 'sky eye' of China is a milestone in Chinese people's quest to plumb the mysteries of the universe.

Stay in a hot spring resort for the night. It is like a Guizhou-ethnic-culture theme park. Some items of intangible cultural heritage are displayed and practiced there. It might be a little bit too commercial, but currently it could be the best way to protect and pass down traditional arts, crafts, and practices.

DAY 5 Danzhai to Guiyang for Departure

Have a relaxing walk in the resort to appreciate the buildings and their ethnic minority style. Learn and experience batik or birdcage making.

Visit an authentic village surrounded by terraced fields. Be moved again by the incredible landscape and the hard work of the people of Guizhou.

We'll finish the tour by driving you to Guiyang's airport for your flight back home.

Hotel Selection

—the Icing on the Cake

Boutique hotels are recommended to enrich your travel experience.

swimming pool of the hotel
mountain view of the hotel
hotel room
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