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the landscape of the Yellow Mountains, Huangshan

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Yellow Mountains
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Listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1990, the Yellow Mountains is one of the most famous and beautiful mountainous areas in China. See the classic attractions, its "Four Wonders": imaginatively-named pines, oddly-shaped rocks, seas of clouds, and hot springs. The ancient villages around can bring you back to the elegant China hundreds of years ago.

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4 Common Questions Travelers Ask Us

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1. What is the best time to visit Huangshan?

The Yellow Mountains are suitable for travel all year round, with seasonal beauties, though the most popular period is from April to November, but the winter season is considered a better time to view the sea of clouds. Avoid going during national holidays (May 1st to 3rd and October 1st to 7th).

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4. Why Would I Need a Guide on the Yellow Mountains?
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