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China Unique Activities

Hi, travelers! We're offering some great activities in many hot cities of China. We combine local life with China culture so that you will have a better understanding of the rich connotation of this nation.

Our activities are various and interesting, including nature, art, local culture and city development history, etc. We cook special specialties with locals, participate in local entertainment activities, and stroll the streets with city masters and so on. The unique way of activities will make your China trip no longer common and add more meaningful memories to your travel.

Our activities will in a small group with no more than 10 travelers with local guide/host who is passionate and friendly, brings you an excellent experience.

Bejing Top Activities

Walking Tour! Half-Day In-depth Beijing Forbidden City Heritage Discovery

Half-Day In-depth Beijing Forbidden City Heritage Discovery

  • Skip the lines as VIP guests.
  • Discover more hidden stories and history behind it.
  • Fully understand it from different angles.

US$ 49

Cooking Class! Beijing activities

3-hour Dumpling Cooking Class in Beijing Hutong

  • Make dumplings by yourself in Beijinger's family.
  • Have a chance to take photos with Chinese traditional clothes.
  • Explore hutong neighborhood and see local lifestyles.

US$ 58

Photograph!Beijing photograph

1.5-Hour Photoshoot Experience Near the Forbidden City

  • Beautiful walking route for great views near Forbidden City.
  • Photographed by a local professional photographer.
  • Optional trying Han clothing.

From US$ 36


Shanghai Top Activities

Old Shanghai Food! Shanghai activities

3-Hour Shanghai Xiaolongbao Cooking Class Experience

  • Taste the Shanghai famous snack--Xiaolongbao.
  • Learn how to make Xiaolongbao by yourself.
  • Visit the local community of old Shanghai.

US$ 58

City Walking! 3-Hour Former French Concession Walking Discovery Tour

3-Hour Former French Concession Walking Discovery Tour

  • Walk through some famous roads and visit highlights in French Concession.
  • Learn the history of Shanghai’s colonial past.
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee.

US$ 50


Chengdu Top Activities

Play Mahjong! Chengdu mahjong

3-Hour Walking Tour in Chengdu People's Park and Learning Mahjong

  • Explore Chengdu's most popular park--People's Park.
  • Learn how to play Mahjong in a famous teahouse.
  • Experience the leisure life in Chengdu.

US$ 38

Cooking class! cooking

2-Hour Cooking Cold Noodles and Wolf-teeth Potato in Chengdu

  • Learn how to make cold noodles and wolf-teeth potato.
  • English-speaking local chef teaches you the cooking class.
  • Have a chance to know Sichuan cuisines.

US$ 28

Relaxing! Chengdu manicure

1.5-Hour Panda Style Manicure Experience in Chengdu

  • Relax in a clean and comfortable nail salon.
  • Do an adorable panda nail art.
  • Be served by a friendly professional manicurist.

US$ 28


Xi'an Top Activities

Cooking Class! Xian activities

2-Hour Xi'an Biang Biang Noodles Cooking Class

  • Learn how to make unique Xi'an noodles--Biang Biang Noodles.
  • Listen to the stories behind this kind of noodles.
  • Have a chance to enjoy the night beauty of the City Wall.

US$ 45


What Makes Us Different

Where activities take place

Activities Location:

  1. Go into a local's home for cooking activities.
  2. Well-selected location where is far away from tourists but easy to find.
  3. Understand the city from different angles by different ways.

Local Market Explore Shanghai by Jeep

Local Guides/Hosts

Guide/Host's features:

  1. Grow up in their home city.
  2. Give you the explaintion of local culture and history quite detailly.
  3. Friendly, helpful with fluent English-speaking skills.

Local MarketFriendly guide and customers

Professional Trippest Team

Our Team

Trippest, founded in 2017, sub-brand of China Highlights. We are dedicated to providing standardized boutique day trips mini tour groups with high quality and amazing value. We analysis on every part of the tour with well-designed food routes, must-try food items. We hope through our efforts, you can enjoy a wonderful experience!

Local Market Trippest Team


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