Chinese Festivals and Events

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Chinese people celebrate a lot of festivals each year. Most of these festivals take place on important dates in the Chinese lunar calendar. Covered below are some important festivals celebrated by the Chinese people, with links to specific festivals that provide detailed information on festival celebrations, photos and more.

If you are fond of local pageantry, you might want to check to see whether your visiting dates coincide with local festivals at your particular destinations. See also China Public Holidays 2020 , Best Times to Go to China.


The Most Important Festivals/Celebrations in China

Chinese new year

Chinese New Year — Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival in China, is China's most important traditional festival. It is also the most important celebration for families, and a week of official public holiday.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese Festivals in Major Cities/Regions

Foreign Festivals Celebrated in China

China Festivals by Month

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