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the Terracotta Warriors in Xian

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It is said, if you want to see 800 years of China's history, visit Beijing; if you want to see 3000 years of China’s history, go to Xi'an. The root of Chinese history and culture being there, Xi'an has so many things to experience, not only the Terracotta Warriors and the City Wall. Our Xi'an tours offer in-depth, unique and interesting ways for you to taste the city fully.

To meet different needs, each customizable Xi'an tour has a special emphasis on different requirements. No matter whether you prefer extensive and in-depth tours or highlights in a nutshell tours, no matter whether most important to you are flexibility and personal interests or best value for money and standardized tours, no matter whether you are a first-time China traveler or whether you live in China, it is easy to find the right Xi'an tour as a start for you.

Listed as one of best in Asian by Lonely Planet in 2017, Xi'an is worth to visit. Our professional expert guides will be with you to discover Xi'an in your own way; don’t leave your ‘experience of a life time’ to chance!

Handpicked Experiences

Make clay warriors
Secrets of the Terracotta Army
  • Discover different aspects
  • Make clay warriors
  • Disappearing cave dwellings
Hanfu costume experience
Han and Tang: Dynasties of Cultural Exchange
  • Stories behind the artifacts
  • Hanfu costume experience
  • Fastpass museum access
A Bite of Xi'an
A Bite of Xi'an
  • Muslim Quarter food challenge
  • Fun new experiences
  • The peaceful Great Mosque

What You Can Do in Xi'an If You Have...

1-2 Days Appreciate the essence of Xi’an

The Terracotta Army

+Xi'an must-sees

the Terracotta Army biking on the Ancient City Wall the Muslim Street
30% of travelers' choice
3-4 DaysSee all the highlights of Xi'an

Xi'an must-sees

+unique city discovery (Learn from local artisans in cave dwellings, try on Chinese ancient costumes…)

learn how to make the terracotta warriors traditional cave dwelling Chinese traditional costume
49% of travelers' choice
5-7 Days Have a more in-depth/extended tour

Xi'an Highlights +Mt. Hua

+Luoyang (the Longmen Grottoes, Shaolin Temple)

orextend to Pingyao Ancient Town / Beijing

the Mt. Hua Luoyang Longmen Grottoes The Shaolin Temple
21% of travelers' choice
Map Guide around Xian
Map Guide around Xian

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