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Have an Amazing Winter Vacation in China!

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On this vast land, China has four distinct seasons, and each season has its unique beauty. Winther in China never only means boring or cold! Imagine: fairy world of ice and snow, skiing, sunshine and beach, Spring Festival celebrations, shopping paradise, mountain snow scenes, old villages at the foot of snow mountains, and more vacation ideas!

Choose from our recommended winter tour packages below. Feel free to tell us your requirements and interests, our experienced travel advisors are ready to tailor-make a suitable winter vacation for you.

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The Yellow Mountains

Winter Travel in China — Top Winter Destinations

Although China may not yet be a preferred winter destination for most foreign travelers in terms of specific winter activities, it does have its getaway beaches where one can escape winter entirely. In addition, there are many places of stunning natural beauty in China that have mild weather all year round, so there is always something compelling to see or fun to do in China during winter, regardless of the tourist's specific interests.

Ski Resort

Top 5 China Ski Resorts

Despite the fact that China's ski resorts are still relatively unheard of among foreign tourists, the ex-pat community living here, especially the British, Australians and Americans, have long since discovered that China not only has some decent ski slopes, but that the slopes are in fact a fun place to meet others, and of course ski gear can be rented on site. Below is detailed information of China's Top 5 ski resorts.

Hong Kong

Christmas in Hong Kong - What to Do and Where

Garden City and Tulou Combination

Visit the southern and seashore city of Xiamen for a relatively warmer winter, and see the unique Hakka earthern buildings only found in China.

Great Wall

12 Best Places to See Snow in Beijing

Beijing city experiences the winter season from late November and it lasts for about a 100 days. Beautiful snow scenes are created when snow falls on the cityscapes and nearby mountains. Some of the things to do on a Beijing winter tour are enjoying snow scenery, skiing and other winter sports, hot spring bathing, the Longqingxia Ice Lantern Festival, and the Spring Festival (late January or February). Check the top 12 places to enjoy snow scenes and activities in Beijing.