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As the world oldest trade route, the Silk Road is not only a road of business, but also a road of art and culture. Our private China Silk Road tours offer an easy and flexible pace tailored for everyone to experience the history, culture relics, ethnic minorities, landscape, and local interaction along the great Silk Road. With our local tour guides and exclusive arrangement, you will touch the heartbeat under the ground of the Silk Road.

Culture Experience Private local experts explain the history and stories behind the original relics.
Local Interaction Exclusive arrangement on the Silk Road to show you the real-life link to its fascinating past.
Tailor-made 1:1 China based expert allocated – every trip is designed to your needs and interests with quality service.
Comfort Hand-picked hotels, bullet trains, we value your time and energy.

Inspirations for Your Tailor-Made Silk Road Tour

Culture& History

Terra-Cotta Warriors—Xian

Mogao Caves—Dunhuang

Jiaohe Ancient City—Turpan

Terra-Cotta Warriors Mogao Caves Jiaohe Ancient City
Scenery& Landscape

Rainbow Mountains—Zhangye

Crescent Spring—Dunhuang

Karakuli Lake-- Kashgar

Rainbow Mountains Crescent Spring Karakuli Lake
Ethnic Minority

Labrang Monastery—Xiahe

Livestock Bazaar—Kashgar

Handicrafts Street—Kashgar

Tibetan Monks Livestock Bazaar Handicrafts Street

Suggested Silk Road Tour Itineraries

The following routes are examples to help you tailor your own Silk Road tour. Tell us what you would like. Our decicated one to one experts are waiting to create a unique tour to suit your preferences.

Silk Road Travel Video

Silk Road Tour Map

silk road map

Common Questions About Silk Road Travel

1. When is the best time to visit the Silk Road?

The best time to travel is from May to October. Weather conditions are pleasant from late spring to early autumn, with an average temperature of 15 °C. Although summer weather can be scorching, the heat is dry and more comfortable than in the humid tropics. The scenery is ideal when the fruits ripen, the flowers are in full bloom, and green grass covers grassland areas.

2. What to Bring?

Bring warm clothing even in the hot summer, as the temperature can change greatly between day and night in some places along the route.

Bring shoes suitable for walking.

Use sunscreen, sunglasses, and lip creams to protect your eyes and skin from the sun. Also consider bringing a moisturizer because the air is very dry in the desert areas.

Bring some medicine for diarrhea and heat stroke.

3. Culture Considerations?

When visiting religious sites such as mosques, women should wear long–sleeve clothes. At certain times women are not allowed to enter mosques. Taking photos at some attractions is forbidden; please follow your tour guide's lead. When you shop at the market, bargaining is taboo if you do not intend to make the purchase.

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