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China's attractions exceed other countries' in size, depth, and variety, and its tourism-friendly infrastructure is growing. In 2018/2019, the time has come for even more creative and comfortable China tours.

The Top 5 Places to Visit in China 2018/2019

According to our travel experiences and our customers' choices and feedback, we have picked the top five places to visit in 2018/2019 — places you could experience on an individual tailor-made trip mixing cultures, landscapes, and authentic experiences.

#1 Beijing — China's Medieval and Modern Capital

Beijing, China's capital city for over 700 years, is a vibrant blend of historic grandeur and impressive modernity. It offers the best windows into today's China and its glorious past. Beijing is also one of China's top gateway cities with the biggest airport in the country.

#2 Shanghai — China's Largest City

Shanghai offers the best view of China's recent development. It is mainland China's most prosperous city. China's biggest city is far from the stereotypical China of history books. The impressive skylines and bustling economy show you the forefront of China's development. Like Beijing, Shanghai is another major gateway city.

#3 Xi'an — Window on China's Ancient Civilization

Xi'an is to China as Rome is to Europe in ancient civilizations.

#4 Guilin — Beautiful Countryside with Toothy Hills and Rice Terraces

Guilin's karst landscapes are the Chinese conception of the most beautiful place on earth. The limestone hills are spectacular with lush vegetation and towering pointy peaks, in a setting of paddy fields and winding rivers. The rice terraces provide a breathtaking contrast.

#5 Chengdu — Pandas, Poetry, Ancient Wonders, and Spicy Food

Although you may see a giant panda in a zoo in the United States, the place to see more of them in their native habitat, and grow a deeper understanding of them, is Chengdu, China. See the Giant Buddha, ancient streets, and sample the spicy hotpot.

Find more inspiration from the Top 10 China Travel Destinations.

Our Most Recommended Tours for 2018

Our pre-designed itineraries provide some ideas and samples of what we can do, to get you started. We specialize in authentic and tailor-made China experiences. Contact us to customize an itinerary.

temple of heaven

China's Classic Wonders

11 days in Beijing, Xi'an, Guilin, and Shanghai

This is a private tour that takes you through China's ancient glory to its ambitious modernity, and through China's spectacular landscapes. Get to know China in 11 days!

Fobidden City

The Golden Triangle

Our 8-day Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai private tour

This is our most popular itinerary for a first China trip. Our time-smart schedule will allow you to discover the three major tourist cities of China at a relaxed pace.

panda tours

A Close Encounter with Pandas

13-Day Private Tour: Beijing – Xi'an – Chengdu –Yangtze Cruise – Shanghai

The historical heritage sites, natural scenery, and adorable giant pandas, making an ideal tour for first-time visitors who are panda fans or those traveling with children.

Whether you're looking for a family tour, a panda-focused tour, or wish to combine a cultural experience within your business trip, our specialists can organize a tailor-made tour to suit your preferences.

Family Tours: Enjoy unique experiences at an easy and flexible pace tailored for your family.
Panda Tours: Multi-day panda keeper programs offers close encounters with pandas.
Beijing Tours: Our tailor-made Beijing tours are designed to your interests, from layover trips to in-depth culture tours.
Shanghai Tours: See the highlights of Shanghai and nearby cities like Hangzhou and Suzhou.

Things to Know Before Planning a Tour to China

The Top 8 Reasons to Visit China — What Makes China Special

China is a land where you can find something for almost any interest, from history and culture to delicious food.

Here are eight reasons you should put China on your travel list:

  • The world’s richest breadth of culture
  • Most impressive ancient heritage
  • Most varied and spectacular natural wonders
  • The world's greatest variety of cuisine
  • Adorable giant pandas
  • Fascinating ethnic cultures and customs
  • Greater travel convenience: huge infrastructure investments, e.g. bullet trains
  • Easily accessible: direct international flights, free-visa policies

The Best Times to Visit China

Generally speaking, China's cultural and historical attractions are good for visiting all year around. Due to its huge size and geographic diversity, no matter what season of the year, China always has places that are optimal for visiting.

Weather-wise, the best times to visit China are spring (April–May) and autumn (September–October). Summer (June–August) is peak travel time for Chinese families. Winter (November–March) is low season for most of China, which means lower prices and fewer crowds. Learn more suggestions and seasonal activities.

How Many Days to Stay — We Recommend at Least 8

China is multi-layered, and we understand you won't want your China trip to only scratch the surface of China's grand civilization. We suggest you take at least 8 days for your first China trip to see a spectrum of the highlights of the country.

To discover more of China, like its magical natural landscapes, you will need a few more days.

Top China Gateway Cities

The most popular China gateway cities are Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Learn about Things to Know Before Booking Your International Flights.

China Visas in 2018/2019

Foreign citizens will normally need a visa to visit China. We recommend you apply for your China visa one or two months before your travel date. Applying for a visa with the help of an online visa center may save you a lot of hassle. See How to Apply for a China Visa.

Find more information about How to Plan a First Trip to China.

Travel to China in 2019 with a Tailor-Made Tour

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