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Huangshan City, is located at the southernmost tip of Anhui Province. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in China, includes Huangshan Mountain Scenic Area and many ancient Huizhou style villages. 

Huangshan is steeped in picturesque natural landscapes and history. Marvel at the peculiarly-shaped rocks and pines on the Yellow Mountains, appreciate the ancient-styled dwellings in Xidi and Hongcun villages, then have a taste of Huangshan’s most famous Maofeng tea (毛峰茶), one of China’s top 10 teas.

Food in Huangshan belongs to Anhui cuisine. Hui cuisine is one of China's Eight Regional Cuisines. Huizhou cuisine is known for its roasting, stewing, braising, and quick-frying. Famous dishes and snacks are sticky mandarin fish, Mao bean curd, stone cake, etc.

Join our small group tours to Huangshan and discover this picturesque and historical city with our professional local guides.

Best Recommended Huangshan Day Tours

Discovery! One-Day Huangshan Yellow Mountain Tour

One-Day Huangshan Yellow Mountain Tour

Head into Huangshan Scenic Area and visit impeccable views of Yellow Mountain with our well-designed route. Led by the guide, discover the four wonders and other highlights of Huangshan by yourself!

US$ 120

Acient Town Tour Half-Day Huangshan Hongcun Acient Village Tour

Half-Day Huangshan Hongcun Acient Village Tour

Visit Hongcun Acient Village with its unique architectural style and great water scenery. Learn about the profound local culture and history in this amazing village. 

US$ 68


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