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Xi'an is the oldest of China's Four Great Ancient Capitals, serving as the capital city of 13 dynasties spreading intermittently across a 1,100-year period from 221 BC. It is often called the birthplace of Chinese civilization and many ancient structures are preserved. "The First Emperor" united China from his base in the Xi'an area, and he has left a mighty legacy.

Xi'an was the eastern terminus of the Silk Road, and played a very important part in Chinese history. Xi'an is characterized by and is proud of its ancient heritage, such as the world-renowned Terracotta Army. A visit to Xi'an is often at the top of a traveler's to-do list. 

Join a mini group Xi’an tours (no more than 6 travelers) is a great way to explore this ancient capital. You’ll be guided with a professional Xi’an local guide who will make your trip vivid and wonderful!

Best Recommended Xi'an Day Tours

Terracotta Warriors + City Wall Daily VIP Xi’an Terracotta Warriors and City Discovery Tour

Daily VIP Xi’an Terracotta Warriors and City Discovery Tour

Uncover the amazing history and vivid stories behind the terracotta figures. Step onto the top of Xi’an Ancient City Wall — walk or cycle along it. Act like a Xi’an local, tasting and experiencing the original local food and culture.

US$ 105

Discovery! Half-Day Xi'an Terracotta Warriors Discovery Tour

Half-Day Xi'an Terracotta Warriors Discovery Tour

Visit the biggest ancient burial site in existence - the Terracotta Warriors. Equipped with specific "weapons" to see the Terracotta Army in an efficient way. Taste the local people's favorite food at a farmer's house. Benefit from smartly-timed arrangements and no visit to tourist shops.

US$ 75

Panoramic! Two-Day Xi'an Panoramic Tour

Two-Day Xi'an Panoramic Tour

In these two days exploration you’ll have a panoramic view of this imperial city of Xi’an on its glorious history, traditional culture, authentic food and the real life of the local people.

US$ 185


Xi'an Private Transfer

Convenient! One-Way Private Transfer Between Xi'an Airport (Train Stations) and Your Hotel

One-Way Private Transfer Between Xi'an Airport (Train Stations) and Your Hotel

We offer a reliable licensed Xi'an local driver, comfortable vehicle with spacious enough for your luggage, 24/7 customer service for backup support to make sure your worry-free trip.

US$ 18

A Distance Map of Xi'an City

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