China Train Travel

Traveling by train is one of the cheapest and most comfortable ways to travel around China. It is also the safest way compared with traveling by air, by coach and by sea. This mode of travel is becoming increasingly popular with both natives and foreign travelers alike. It is important to have a basic idea of what trains in China are like if you decide to travel by train in China.

What are the Chinese trains like?

Generally speaking, the trains in China are classified into high-speed trains and ordinary trains. What are the differences between them? What are the seats and facilities on Chinese trains? Click the links below and get to know what the Chinese trains are like.

Train Travel

Why choose train when traveling around China? There are a number of advantages to travel by train, making it the first choice for foreigners who visit China for the first time.

Why traveling by train?

Trains leave and arrive on schedule, and there are seldom any delays, especially for D-trains and G-trains. It is very convenient for passengers to switch to other means of transport at the railway stations in the major cities, including metro lines, buses, taxis, and coaches. It offers passengers a unique way to explore China when they can appreciate the fine views along their journey through the train windows, which is very different from traveling by air. The train offers more leg room and you can walk around to stretch your leg on the train.

Planning Your Train Travel

Chinese train is not only a convenient transportation when traveling in China, but also an unique experience. You will get a basic idea on how to arrange your train travel in China by reading articles below.

Recommended Months for Train Travel in China

Generally speaking, it is suitable to travel around China throughout the year due to its varieties of climate and rich tourist resources in different months. The best time for train travel depends on the train routes you plan to take.

However, it is also wise to avoid traveling by train during the peak times, as train tickets will be hard to book or purchase. The peak times include:

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