Huanghuacheng Great Wall

the Huanghuacheng Great WallThe Huanghuacheng Great Wall

The Huanghuacheng (Yellow Flower City) Great Wall is a beautiful tourist spot combining mountains, lakes and ancient Great Wall of legendary solidity.It is the latest section to become popular with hikers. It provides a challenge for hikers because the paths are steep and out of repair.


Ancient wall immersed in water:The Huanghuacheng wall is divided by lakes and some parts are even immersed in the water, which is a very unique characteristic, distinguishing it from other sections of the Great Wall.

History: The Great Wall at Huanghuacheng has magnificent ancient lengths of wall, constructed in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).

The Jintang ('Metal Soup') Great Wall: A general named Cai Kai, who led the construction of Huanghuacheng Great Wall, was beheaded after completion of his task, because the emperor mistakenly believed other ministers' lies that his job was sloppy. But when a survey report, stating that the walls were solid, steep and exemplified the finest workmanship, reached the emperor, the emperor realized that he had misjudged General Cai Kai.

The emperor ordered a tomb and memorial stele to be erected in honor of the loyal general. He also had the characters金汤 (Jin Tang), meaning firm and solid (literally 'metal soup'), inscribed on the face of a huge rock below the wall. So the Huanghuacheng section of the Great Wall is also called the Jintang Great Wall. There is a lake and a reservoir nearby. The crescent shaped reservoir is called Huanghuacheng Reservoir, while the name of the lake is Jintang Lake.

Scenery: The Great Wall at Huanghuacheng is surrounded by mountains with verdant vegetation, lots of blossom and other seasonal beauty. During summer, the countryside around the Huanghuacheng Great Wall is swathed in yellow, as masses of wild flowers come into bloom.

Tourists experience great scenery in all directions regardless of the season. See "What is the best time to visit the Great Wall?"

Dimensions: The Great Wall at Huanghuacheng is about 11 kilometers (7 miles) long. The entire section of wall includes 6 forts, 6 passes, 12 beacon-towers, and 32 guard towers. Among them, Yaoziyu Fort, built in the Ming Dynasty about 500 years ago, is the best preserved one.

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When to go

The scenery of the Great Wall varies with the seasons and each season has its pros and cons. Click here for what you can expect on the Great Wall near Beijing.

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Huanghuacheng is located about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Central Beijing. China Highlights use high-quality air-conditioned private transport to take the hassle out of getting to the wall.

Walking Conditions

Huanghuacheng provides a challenge to hikers because the steps are rather steep and paths out of repair. Hikers need to pay special care when climbing. No cable cars are available.

What to Wear

Dress for hiking and dress for the weather. Choose comfortable footwear with good grip and support for the feet. Layers of clothes that can be taken on and off allow for greater comfort and temperature control. Wear/bring sun protection in the summer and dress for sub zero temperatures in the winter.

What to Bring

Bring breathable waterproofs for protection from rain and wind. Umbrellas may be used here as the ascents and descents are not difficult, but may be inconvenient in strong winds. Bring snacks and water if you want to walk a long portion of the wall.

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