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Best Attractions in Guilin's Counties

Famous for fabulous natural scenery, Guilin is eulogized as the most beautiful place under heaven. Not only are the attractions in the city worth a trip, but also the fantastic scenic places in the surrounding countryside.

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1. Yuzi Paradise

Located one and a half hours' drive south of Guilin city center, Yuzi Paradise is modern art sculpture park. It is a paradise for tourists to immerse themselves in art and culture, while appreciating the stunning natural scenery.

You can spend a whole day or more in Yuzi Paradise, which is equipped with luxury hotels for an unforgettable holiday.

2. Yangshuo

Charming scenery of Yulong RiverPicturesque view of Yulong River.
Yangshuo can be regarded as a large scenic area, which is filled with so many gorgeous things to see and to do. Bamboo rafting on the Yulong River, cycling in the countryside, and relaxing on West Street are the top things to do in Yangshuo.

No matter how many times you've been there, you’ll come back for more of the leisurely atmosphere of Yangshuo!

3. Longji Terraced Fields and Huangluo Yao Minority Village

pingan zhuangzu terraced field

The Longji Terraced Fields are a manmade mountain masterpiece that are charming all the year round, teeming with different colors. Spring and autumn are the best times to visit Longji, when the terraced fields are full of vitality or covered by “a massive golden blanket” respectively.

Discovering the minority culture of Huangluo Yao Minority Village is worth a visit by itself! The Red Cloth Festival lets you immerse yourself in Red Yao minority culture and dance with the girls wearing folk costumes.

4. Hongyan Village

Hongyan Village in Gongcheng County is a good place for spring outdoor activities, where you can see stunning natural scenery from a pavilion-topped hill, including rivers, mountains, a wind-and-rain bridges, orchards, and ancient buildings. Like the countryside in Yangshuo, hiking along the little paths in the fields, boating on the river, and fishing are excellent.

5. Wen Temple

Gongcheng’s Wen Temple is one of the best-preserved Confucius temples in China, which was used to honor China’s great scholar and educator, Confucius. The ancient halls of the temple are solemn and grand, where people regularly come and pray for good results in study.

6. (八角寨国家森林公园)

Featuring typical Danxia landforms, Bajiao Zhai National Forest Park is quiet magnificent with many precipitous rounded hills. Standing on the tops, you can sometimes see the clouds rolling over and between the purple tooth-like peaks.

7. Silver Cave

Similar to the caves in Guilin city (like Reed Flute Cave and Seven Star Cave), Silver Cave is huge! It is decorated with colorful lighting. The stalagmites and stalactites are in fanciful shapes, looking vivid under the lights, and coming to life with the interesting stories.

8. The Ling Canal

Cultural relics, such as ancient buildings, pavilions, and bridges, as well as beautiful scenery, are found along the Ling Canal. You can take off your shoes and walk across crystal streams in summer. The water is really clean and refreshing.

9. Jiangtou Village


Jiangtou Ancient Village enjoys a history of more than 800 years. It is home to the descendants of Zhoudunyi — an outstanding literati and philosopher of the Song Dynasty (960–1279). Many valuable historical relics are well-preserved, such as ancient coins, a forest of inscribed stone tablets, ancient instruments, longevity beds, ancient buildings, and much more.

10. Daxu Ancient Town

A unique insight into the history and local culture of Guilin, Daxu is an ancient town with a treasury of old buildings, but also fabulous natural scenery. In spring you can pick strawberries in the fields with your family, a kids’ favorite.

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