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Guilin Facts

Name: Guilin (桂林; Guìlín; (/gway-leen/)
Meaning: "osmanthus tree woods"
Previous name: Guizhou.


  • One of China's main tourist cities
  • It is renowned for its mountain-river scenery.
  • Yangshuo and northern Guilin regions are especially scenic.

Main Attractions

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Most Popular Souvenirs and Local Products

Cultured pearls, landscape paintings, souvenirs, Luo Han Guo (a kind of fruit for beverages), osmanthus flowers (herbal tea), paper fans, Chinese painting and calligraphy


ling cannelThe Ling Cannel

A city region renowned for its scenic beauty in China

  • 314 BC A small village existed at the site
  • 214 BC The Ling Canal linked the Yangtze River and the Li River and Pearl River
  • 507 AD The town was named Guizhou
  • 1921 Became a base for the Northern Expeditionary Army
  • 1981 Chosen by the government to be one of four especially protected cities


  • Significance of city: a favorite area for Chinese and foreign tourists
  • Municipality terrain: eroded limestone hills, the Li River and many streams and canals
  • lijiang riverSunrise of Li River
  • Nearby cities: Liuzhou (152 km/95 mi), Nanning (388 km/ 241 mi), Beihai (600 km/373 mi)
  • Average altitude: 153 (502 feet)
  • Main rivers: Li River

Location Information

  • Municipality location: 24.20N to 26.07N, 109.61E to 111.24E; South China
  • Municipality Population: 5,000,000
  • Municipality Area: 27,809 sq km (10,737 sq mi)
  • Core districts and inner suburbs area: 1,000 sq km (386 sq mi)
  • City proper population: 1,340,000
  • City proper population density: 1,340/sq km (3,471/sq mi)
  • North to south distance (including suburbs): 28 km (17 mi)
  • East to west distance (including suburbs): 35 km (22 mi)
  • City center: Central Square (25.275 N, 110.296 E)
  • Average high temperature in August: 32.8 °C (91 °F)
  • Average low temperature in January: -5.4 °C (41.7 °F)
  • The weather is humid subtropical with monsoons; annual precipitation: 1901.3 mm (74.9 in).


  • Average annual income: 19,435 RMB (2,858 USD)
  • Development: developing; the city is open for foreign tourists and is famous for its scenery
  • Industry: 37.2 tertiary industry (tourism, service), 39% secondary (industry, construction), 18.9% primary (agriculture)
  • Business area: corner of Zhongshan Zhong Road and Jiefang Road (25.27N, 110.29E)
  • Shopping Streets: Zhongshan Zhong Road


  • Guilin Liangjiang International Airport
  • 1 main ring road
  • 2 train stations: Guilin Train Station and Guilin North Station
  • 1 large intercity bus station

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