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Hangzhou National Tea Museum — a Great Place for Tea Lovers

Hangzhou National Tea Museum is China's only museum dedicated to tea. There are tea exhibits and precious teaware.

Hangzhou — the 'Tea Capital' of China

Hangzhou was once the capital city of the Southern Song Dynasty, during which time the process of making tea evolved from boiling to infusion and became more artistic and skillful. It was also during the Song Dynasty that tea-houses flourished, and offering tea to visitors became an accepted etiquette. Tea culture is an important part of Hangzhou.

A visit to the China National Tea Museum in Hangzhou will provide details on how the tea culture evolved over the many dynasties and on many types of teas, including the Longjing (Dragon Well).

What to Learn in the Museum

Hangzhou National Tea MuseumHangzhou National Tea Museum

Surrounded by clusters of tea farms and boasting five exhibition halls, the museum vividly depicts the evolution of Chinese tea and the colorful tea culture over a span of thousands of years. 

The Chinese Tea Evolution Hall showcases the production process and evolution of Chinese tea, as well as a variety of domestic and imported tea. 

The Teaware Hall depicts the evolution of Chinese teaware and deliberates on the planting, making and tasting of tea. The Tea Customs Hall is devoted to bring you a kaleidoscopic of tea customs and etiquettes of Yun Yan, Sichuan, Tibet, Fujian and Guang Dong provinces and of the Ming and Qing periods.

The exhibition center is divided into six tea-tasting sessions where visitors can taste teas of various flavors while enjoying tea-making ceremonies. The exquisite and quintessential buildings against the backdrop of the gardens, alternating with tea farms, totally immerse visitors in this strong tea culture.

After the tea ceremony, the idea is for tourists to enter into the gift shop and purchase tea and other items for sale. However, be advised that the tea, teapots and other items, although authentic and beautiful, are quite expensive. The items can more than likely be purchased elsewhere cheaper.

Visit the Tea Museum with China Highlights

Meijiawu Tea PlantationMeijiawu Tea Plantation

We especially designed a tour for tea lovers to have an in-depth tea culture experience in Hangzhou. Travel with us to learn more about Chinese tea.

  • 1-Day Dragon Well Tea Culture and West Lake Tour: You will have chance to pick tea leaves in a tea plantation, learn the process of stir-frying tea, and visit the China National Tea Museum to learn Chinese tea classification and history.
  • Our tour is flexible. If you would like to make any modifications to it, please feel free to let us know and we are glad to tailor-make a tour for you.