Hangzhou Nightlife

As a metropolis blended with both ancient and modern elements, Hangzhou has a vigorous and fascinating nightlife. After a day's excursion around the city, tourists can get a complete relaxation on the lakeside, enjoying the music fountain and appreciating the Evening of Westlake Performances. Besides, the pubs and bars in Hangzhou are welcomed by many tourists from around the world. The various kinds of pubs and bars suit the tastes of different tourists.

West Lake Night Performances

The performances, which last for about an hour, showcase the culture of the region. Songs, dances, opera, acrobatics and stunts are integrated to present Hangzhou's ancient civilization and customs.

  • Show Time: Every night at 7:00pm
  • Venue: The Dongpo Theatre, No.7 Dongpo Road, Hangzhou
  • Tel: 0571-87085992
  • Note: Detailed instructions are given via two electronic screens set up at the stage sides.

Pubs and Clubs

Le Jazz 黄楼酒吧

  • Address: No.6, Liuying Road, Shangcheng District (上城区柳营路6号)
  • Tel: 0571-87028298
  • Average Price Per Person: 89 yuan

JOYS' Bar 爵色酒吧

  • Address: the 2nd Floor of Xihu International Trade Center, No.46, Hubin Road, Shangcheng District (上城区湖滨路46号西湖国贸中心2楼)
  • Tel: 0571-8787 9777
  • Average Price Per Person: 120 yuan

Park 1999 园林式酒吧

  • Address: No.87, Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District (上城区南山路87号林霭漫步景区)
  • Tel: 0571-8671 1133
  • Average Price Per Person: 85 yuan

No.88 Pub No.88酒吧

  • Address: Building 1, No.2, Baochu Road, Xihu District (西湖区宝俶路2号1号楼)
  • Tel: 0571-8880 3588
  • Average Price Per Person: 267 yuan

Travelers' Pub 旅行者酒吧

  • Address: No.176, Shuguang Road, Xihu District (西湖区曙光路176号)
  • Tel: 0571-87968846
  • Average Price Per Person: 64 yuan


West Lake Cinema

  • Address: No 95, Pinghai Road, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou (上城区平海路95号)

Cuiyuan Film World 翠苑电影大世界

  • Address: No.298, Wenyi Road, Xihu District (西湖区文一路298号)
  • Tel: 0571-8892 2960

Xinyuan International Cinema 新远国际影城

  • Address: No.370, Tiyuchang Road, Xiacheng District (下城区体育场路370号西湖文化广场C区8号)
  • Tel: 0571-8500 1099 / 8500 1088

Cafés and Teahouses

Costa Coffee

  • Address: Building 11, Xihu Tiandi, No.147, Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District (上城区南山路147号西湖天地11号楼)
  • Tel: 0571-8702 7268
  • Average Price Per Person: 37 yuan

Yaduo Café 雅朵咖啡

  • Address: No.328, Wen'er Road, Xihu District (西湖区文二西路328号)
  • Tel: 0571-8891 2897
  • Average Price Per Person: 68 yuan

Blue Mountain Café 蓝山咖啡馆

  • Address: No. 56-58, Ding'an Road, Shangcheng District (上城区定安路56-58号)
  • Tel: 0571-8701 8633
  • Average Price Per Person: 75 yuan

Starbucks Coffee 星巴克

  • Address: No.1, Binhu Road, Shangcheng District (上城区湖滨路1号)
  • Tel: 0571-8708 1850
  • Average Price Per Person: 35 yuan

Hupanhu Teahouse 湖畔居茶楼

  • Address: No.1, Shengtang Scenic Area, Xihu District (西湖区圣塘景区1号)
  • Tel: 0581-8702 0701 / 8702 1618
  • Average Price Per Person: 103 yuan

Ziyi Pavilion Teahouse 紫艺阁茶坊

  • Address: No.172, Shuguang Road, Xihu District (西湖区曙光路172号)
  • Tel: 0571-8797 1931
  • Average Price Per Person: 66 yuan

Golf Courses

J-C Fun Mini Golf 迷你高尔夫

  • Address: No.153, Nanshan Road, Shangcheng District (上城区南山路152号)
  • Tel: 0571-8713 1895

Vanilla Hill Golf Club 香草山高尔夫球俱乐部

  • Address: No.210, Tiyuchang Road, Xiacheng District (下城区体育场路210号)
  • Tel: 0571-8505 5410

Xihu International Golf Village Club 西湖国际高尔夫乡村俱乐部

  • Address: No.200, Zhijiang Avenue, Xihu District (西湖区之江大道200号)
  • Tel: 0571-8506 9514

Questions and Answers About Hangzhou Nightlife

johnny 2013-02-04
Show Answer
how much for a tour guide.
It is CNY400/day(8hrs) for an English speaking tour guide. Whitney Liao replied on 2013-02-05
ayu 2012-10-06
Show Answer
How much the cost for one day trip to shanghai from Hangzhou?
Usually we suggest clients take the fast train from Shanghai to Hangzhou and return (1 hoour journey). Plus the essence one day Hangzhou tour (West Lake, Lingyin Temple, Peak Flown from Afar), for two people's group, it would cost around CNY2300/USD366. I need your passpor picture page to issue the train tickets, so would you please advise your flexible date then i can check the availablity for you? Karen (karen@chinahighlights.net) Karen Yang replied on 2012-10-06
AFM ALI KAMAL 2012-09-18
Show Answer
hangzhou how far from guangzhou by air .

Hi AFM, it is 2hrs.

Whitney Liao replied on 2012-09-19
feroozeh 2012-02-03
Show Answer
dear sir we are a couple from iran and we 're going to hangzhou in our newyear holidays so we want to know how many km are there between bejin -hangzhou and shanghi ?and we have a 5 kid what kind of intertaiments are there for a family with small chid ?Idon't know there is a centre or club for children for take care of them in for example 2 hours ???
It is aobut 1300 km from Beijing to Hangzhou and 200 km from Hangzhou to Shanghai. You may visit the west lake or enjoy the night show there in Hangzhou. Simon Huang replied on 2012-02-04
Mike Harmsen 2011-12-01
Show Answer
Is there a western section of Hangzhou? An area with western style pubs/bars?
Hello. Actually bars and pubs can be easily found in the city. There are many bars by the West Lake, also another place to go is Dragon Sports Center (黄龙体育中心), which is also near the West Lake. Mia Yang replied on 2011-12-05
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