Sun Island Scenic Area

The Sun Island Scenic Spot facing the Sidalin Park, separated by the Songhua River, It's a famous scenic spot in the world. It covers a total area of 38 square kilometers and is characterized by the simple and wild landscape.

It's a wonderful fairyland for townsmen to have a camp, bath and picnic. In the early eighties, the song of the Beautiful Sun Island, sung by famous singer-Zheng Xulan, displayed the taste of the Sun Island. From then on, it became very famous.

The Sun Island together with some smaller islands and sandbars constitutes the Sun Island Scenic Spot. It's a good summer resort for traveling and relaxing. There are more than 20 scenic spots on the island, including, the Pavilion on the Water, the Sacred Cranes, the Doe and its Young, the Long Bank and Weeping Willow, etc.

More than ten characteristic places are built in the scenic spot, such as, mount Sun, the Sun Lake, the Water Lily Lake, the Sisters Bridge, the Bridge with a Pavilion, the White Jade Bridge.

The Shangwu Bridge, the Pavilion on the Water, the Children's Amusement Park, the Clove Garden, the Flower Garden, the Zhi Stone on the Sun Island, the Jinjiang Gallery, the Landscape Line along the River.

These scenic spots form beautiful scenery. The mountain glass itself in the lake. The spring is clear. The waterfall falls down with high speed. Fish spring in the lotus Pond. These bring the limitless reverie for visitors.

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stavros 2012-06-26
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Hi iam planning to visite harbin on 12/2/13 for 10 days is the ice and snow festival still on and haw far is the city central from their
Hello stavros, the ice and snow festival will no be on untill late December. It is about 10 km from the city cetner to there. Simon Huang replied on 2012-06-27
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