Shenzhen Subway

Subway Line One

Shenzhen SubwayShenzhen Subway platform

As the main artery in Shenzhen, this line runs between Shenzhen Luohu Railway Station in west Shenzhen and Shenzhen Baoan International Airport in east Shenzhen. A one-way trip takes 68 minutes and the full fare is 9 yuan. The route is 40.9 kilometers (25.4 miles) through four districts (Luohu District, Futian District, Nanshan District and Baoan District). The departure interval is 4 minutes during rush hour and 6 minutes during ordinary times. Getting to Shenzhen Baoan International takes 1 hour from Luohu District or 30 minutes from Futian District. When arriving at Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, passengers can enter the airport terminal via a corridor without getting out of the subway station. They can also can take the subway to Luohu Port, and then go directly to Hong Kong.

The Green One IS Shenzhen Subway Line 1, Namely Luobao Line.

Shenzhen Subway Map
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Subway Line Two

This line is 35.8 kilometers (about 22.2 miles) long with 29 stations, from Chi Wan (赤湾) in the west to Xin Xiu (新秀) in the east, and it runs past Shekou Port (蛇口港), Sea World (海上世界), Dong Jiao Tou (东角头), Hai Yue (海月), Hou Hai (后海) , Ke Yuan (科苑), Window of the World (世界之窗), Lianhua West (莲花西), Fu Tian (福田), Civic Center (市民中心), Huaqiang North (华强北), Grand Theater (大剧院) and Huang Bei Ling (黄贝岭). The entire trip takes 68 minutes, and the departure interval is 10 minutes. Passengers can transfer to Subway Line 1 at Window of the World or Grand Theater, transfer to Subway Line 3 at Fu Tian, transfer to Subway Line 4 at Civic Center, or transfer to Subway Line 5 at Huang Bei Ling (黄贝岭).

The Orange One IS Shenzhen Subway Line 2, Namely Shekou Line.

Shenzhen Subway Map

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Line Three

The line is 41 kilometers long (about 25.5 miles), running from Yitian Village in Futian District (福田区益田村) to Shuanglong in Longgang District (龙岗区双龙). There are 30 stations along the line, including Yi Tian (益田), Fu Tian (福田), Children’s Palace (少年宫), Hong ling (红岭), Cui Zhu (翠竹), Tian Bei (田贝), Cao Pu (草埔), Da Fen (大芬), Dan Zhu Tou (丹竹头), Heng Gang (横岗), Da Yun (大运), Ai Lian (爱联), Long Cheng Square (龙城广场) and Shuang Long (双龙). The entire trip takes 68 minutes and the full ticket charge is 8 yuan. The departure inteval is 6 minutes during rush hour and 10 minutes during ordinary times.

The Blue One Is Shenzhen Subway Line 3, Namely Longgang Line.

Shenzhen Subway Map
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Line Four

The line runs on the axial line of the Shenzhen urban area, stretching from Futian Port (福田口岸) to Qing Hu (清湖站) via Fu Min (福民), Convention Center (会展中心) and Children’s Palace (少年宫). Passengers can transfer to Subway Line 1 at the Convention Center.

The Red One Is Shenzhen Subway Line 4, Namely Longhua Line.

Shenzhen Subway Map
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Line Five

The 40-kilometer (or 30-mile) line starts at Qian Hai Wan (前海湾) and runs through Baoan Center (宝安中心), Xin’an Old Town (新安旧城区), Xi Li (西丽), University Town (大学城) and Bu Ji (布吉). It then arrives at Huang Bei Ling (黄贝岭). Passengers can transfer to Subway Line 1 at Baoan Center or Subway Line 2 at Huang Bei Ling. The entire route takes approximately 69 minutes, a full ticket is 7 yuan and the departure interval is 13 minutes.

Shenzhen Subway Map
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Questions and Answers About Shenzhen Subway

pc 2014-04-16
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I will arrive at Shekou Ferry from Macau. Taking Line 2 subway, which station do I change to reach LaoJi subway station stop. And what is the estimated travel time please. Thanks
Dear PC, You could take Line 2/ Shekou line(蛇口线) from Shekou station to Window of the World station, then change to Line 1/ Luobao line(罗宝线)and get off at Laojie station. Lussie Lu replied on 2014-04-17
army 2013-01-24
Show Answer
hello, my name is Army. If i want to go to WOW or splendid china from hongkong what line should i take?

Hi Army, you can take train from Hongkong to Shenzhen Railway Station first. Then change Metro Luobao Line, get off at OCT( Overseas Chinese Town Station) 华侨城站, Exit D. The WOW or Splendid China is about 270m away then.

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-01-27
Chang 2013-01-10
Show Answer
My name is Chang.May I know at ShenZhen Airport, how can I go to ChangPing?Thank you.

Hi Chang, you can take Airport Shuttle Line 2 to Shenzhen Railway Station first, then take bullet train to Dongguan. Dongguan Railway Station is right in Changping.

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-01-14
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