Guanqian Street

The location of this 150-year-old street lying in front of the Xuanmiao Taoist temple explains its name, which means "before a temple". It is known far and wide because of the century-old shops, such as Daoxiangcun, Caizhizhai and Huangtianyuan, established there. Gourmands should not miss the section from Bifengfang to Taijian Alley where restaurants serving authentic Suzhou cuisine are assembled.

The street running 760 meters long, consists of the eastern, middle and western sections. The eastern part is filled with nice ancient buildings of historical significance. The middle is mainly the temple and fashionable shops occupy the western part.  

Strolling on Guanqian Street is a favorite pastime of the locals. Now, the restored street attracts not only Suzhou people but also visitors, as it is an attraction blending business, culture, religion and food delights.