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Most Attractive Places in Tibet
Tibet holds the imagination of Shangri-la to many westerns for centuries. The place attracts millions of travelers each year to admire its surreal natural beauty and old religious culture.
Top 7 Reasons to Visit Tibet
For many, Tibet is still a mysterious and strange land at the end of the Earth. These days the idea of traveling to Tibet is very popular, but few actually go there. What is so attractive about Tibet? Why do so many people want to go there?
Lhasa to Shigatse - Fantastic Natural Scenery
It was a scenic trip, and a concentrated experience of Tibet’s natural scenery, including exceptional beautiful natural landscapes, and colorful Tibetan style buildings.
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Seeing Tibet with Children in Tow!

Everything you need to know and consider when making a family visit or a kids group tour to Tibet: altitude sickness, where to go, safety, etc.

Enter Tibet From Nepal

Read this article to learn how to get a Chinese visa and Tibet permit from Nepal.

Tibet Shoton Festival 2012 Travel Experience

The Shoton Festival is one of the most important festival for the Tibetan people. See how the local people celebrate their holy festival.

Top 7 Reasons to Visit Tibet

Tibet is still a mysterious and strange land for many travelers. After a glance at this article, you will want to travel to Tibet.

Lhasa to Shigatse - Fantastic Scenery

Share in the author's experience of this popular Tibet journey: a scenic trip, and a concentrated experience of Tibet’s natural scenery.

Sacred Mountains and Lakes in Tibet

Introductions to sacred mountains and lakes in Tibet, with photos, including Mount Kailash, Lake Manasarovar, and Nyainqêntanglha.

My Personal Experience with Mountain Sickness

Most travelers get mountain/altitude sickness when traveling in Tibet. Here's firsthand information on how to deal with it.

Nine Sacred Lakes in Tibet

The article describes nine sacred lakes in Tibet with their locations, attractions, scenery, transport, tours, photos, and travel tips.

Most Beautiful Places in Tibet

For centuries Tibet has captured the imagination of westerners as a Shangri-la, a hidden paradise on earth.

The Top 10 Tibet Travel FAQs

The top 10 Tibet travel FAQs include questions about travel permits, things to do and not to do in Tibet, and best times and places to go.

What to Pack for a Tibet Tour

a list about what to pack for Tibet tour.

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