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The Top 10 Buildings in China — China’s Biggest and Best

In 2013 China, Hong Kong, and Macau have 5 of the world's ten tallest skyscrapers, the biggest building/mall, and the biggest casino. Yet even taller buildings are being built. These huge modern buildings and the Hall of Supreme Harmony are the 10 best buildings to see in China.

Most of these buildings are in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong and have been built in the last 7 years. Beijing has iconic large structures preserved from the imperial era.

1. Shanghai World Financial Center

  • Height: 492 meters (1,614 feet), 101 floors
  • Built: 2008
  • Cost: 1.2 billion USD
  • Special features: Tallest building in China, fifth tallest in the world (2013)

The Shanghai World Financial Center has an observation deck on the 100th floor at 474 meters (1,555 feet) for sightseeing and a Hyatt Regency luxury hotel.

2. ICC Tower

  • Height: 475 meters (1,558 feet), 118 floors
  • Built: 2011
  • Cost: 3.8 billion USD
  • Special features: World's tallest hotel (Ritz Carlton), world's highest swimming pool, tallest building in Hong Kong, 6th tallest in the world (2013), and the world's best rapid transport system

The ICC Tower overlooks Victoria Harbor. It is part of a new financial hub in Hong Kong that is one of the world's top financial centers. The land itself cost about 1 billion USD.

Sky 100 is a 100th floor observation deck, and its Elements Mall is one of the best in the city. It has the best lighting display in the Symphony of Lights.

3. Shanghai Tower

  • Height: 632 meters (2,073 feet), 121 floors
  • Built: 2014
  • Cost: 2.2 billion USD
  • Special features: world's 2nd tallest building (2013), world's fastest elevators

Shanghai Tower is the second tallest building in the world after the Burj Kalifa. It is 152 meters (500 feet) higher than it, and it will be 130 meters (400 feet) taller than the Taipei 101.

It will be a showcase of 21st century engineering. It has a spiraling cylindrical shape to help the building weather typhoons.

4. Hall of Supreme Harmony

 Forbidden CityHall of Supreme Harmony
  • Height: 35 meters (116 feet)
  • Built: about 1420
  • Special features: world's largest ancient wooden building, the biggest building in the Forbidden City

The Supreme Hall of Harmony is the heart of the Forbidden City. The building and the wide white paved plaza around it are iconic of the Qing Empire at its height. It is a landmark of Beijing and part of the favorite tourist highlight in Beijing proper.

5. IFC Tower

  • Height: 408 meters (1,340 feet), 88 floors
  • Built: 2003
  • Cost: about 2.2 billion USD
  • Special features: luxury mall, central tourist location

The three IFC towers include a popular luxury mall and the Four Seasons Hotel.

As of 2013, it probably has the best and most convenient transportation links of any of these buildings with four subway lines, a popular tram, and major ferry terminals around it.

6. King Key 100

  • Height: 441 meters (1,449 feet), 100 floors
  • Built: 2010
  • Cost: about 800 million USD
  • Special features: An opulent St. Regis hotel, China's 5th tallest building

The building lights up the night sky in Luohu, Shenzhen near Hong Kong. It sits in an emergent financial center in the city. The KK Mall is a part of the complex. Read more on KK100.

7. Zifeng Tower

  • Height: 451 meters (1,480 feet), 89 floors
  • Built: 2010
  • Cost: 375 million USD
  • Special features: China's 3rd tallest building (2013)

It's silhouette is like Willis Tower in Chicago, and it is a little taller. It is remarkable because it stands alone in Nanjing as the only very tall building, and it was built inexpensively for its height.

8. Bank of China Tower

  • Height: 315 meters (1,033 feet), 72 floors
  • Built: 1990
  • Cost: about 1 billion USD
  • Special features: the first skyscraper built in Asia, beautiful design

The Bank of China Tower is a famous landmark in Hong Kong. Its shape and lighting makes it memorable among newer taller buildings.

9. Venetian Macau

  • Height: 225 metes (738 feet), 39 floors
  • Floor space: 10.5 million square feet
  • Built: 2007
  • Cost: 2.4 billion USD
  • Special features: the world's biggest casino, 7th largest building by floor area, 3,000 hotel rooms

The hotel is one of the highlights of Macau. The prime attractions are the mall that has a realistic recreation of a canal street in Venice and the 15,000 people capacity arena where big events are held.

10. New Century Global Center

  • Height: 99 meters (325 feet), 18 floors
  • Floor space: 16 million square feet (1.5 million square meters)
  • Built: 2013
  • Special features: the biggest building in the world, water park, IMAX theater, 2 hotels with 1,000 rooms

This huge mall in Chengdu is about twice the size of both the previous mall record holder in Dubai and the biggest mall in Guangdong called the New South China Mall. It is designed to be a self-contained town.

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