Hui Cuisine is one of the eight famous cuisines of China.

Hui Cuisine is also called Anhui Cuisine or Wan Cuisine. It is one of the eight famous cuisines of China, derived from North China's Anhui Province. Anhui Cuisine mainly consists of three styles representing three regions: Yangtze River region, Huai River region, and Southern Anhui region. Among them the South Anhui style is the most notable. The birthplace of South Anhui style is She County, located at a world famous tourist destination, Huangshan (the Yellow Mountains).

Anhui is abundant in uncultivated fields, mountains and forests, which provide Anhui Cuisine rich local ingredients. Hui Cuisine uses only local produce, so the freshness of the dishes is unparalleled. Most ingredients in Anhui Cuisine, such as pangolin, stone frog, mushroom, bayberry, tea leaves, bamboo shoots and dates all come from mountain areas. The Yellow Mountains are abundant in raw materials suitable for cooking. Wild herbs are readily available here. Hui Cuisine places a great deal of emphasis on natural foods, which makes it a healthy cuisine. It follows traditional ways and uses foods that are also used for medicinal purposes. The use of wild herbs is one of Hui Cuisine's notable features.

Hui Cuisine is particular about controlling cooking time and temperature. High, medium or slow heat is applied according to the quality and characteristics of the different materials and the flavor requirements of finished dishes. Hui Cuisine requires skill in sautéing and stewing to achieve a delicate lightness in taste. Some typical dishes stewed in brown sauce may appear a little heavy on oil compared to some other styles. Ham is also often added to enhance the taste.

Some dishes representative of the Hui style of cuisine are: Stir-Fried Frog with Log Flower Mushrooms; Phoenix-Tailed Shrimp Steak; Li Hongzhang Hotchpotch; Bagong Mountain Bean Curd; Grape Fish, Mountain Bamboo Shoots, Assorted Meats; Phoenix-Tailed Shrimp in a Bird's Nest and Red Tato in Honey.

Hui Cuisine Menu

Ham and “Whippy” Bamboo Stewhuǒtuǐ dùn biān sǔnHwor-tway dwnn byen swnn火腿炖鞭笋
Stewed Turtle with Hamhuǒtuǐ dùn jiǎyúHwor-tway dwnn jyaa-yoo火腿炖甲鱼
Red-Cooked Chickenfú lí jí shāo jīFoo lee jee shaoww jee符离集烧鸡
Snowy Winter Roast Chickenxuě dōng shāo jīSshwair dong shaoww jee雪冬烧鸡
Tasteless Smoked Duckwúwèi xūn yāWoo-way sshyoon yaa无味熏鸭
Fat King Fish in Milk Soupnǎi zhī féi wáng yúNeye jrr fay wung yoo奶汁肥王鱼
Honeycomb Tofufēngwō dòufuFnng-woo doh-foo蜂窝豆腐
Braised Masked Palm Civethóngshāo guǒzi líHong-shaoww gwor-dzrr-lee红烧果子狸

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