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Changsha Travel Guide


Changsha is located in the northeast part of Hunan. It is the capital city of Hunan province as well as its political, economic and cultural center. It is also a city of history and culture, and is China’s top tourist city.

Changsha is subjected to a subtropical but moderately humid climate year round. It is cold in winter and hot in summer, with long summers and winters and short springs and autumns. The average annual temperature is 17.2 degrees centigrade. See Changsha Weather

Changsha is a city famous all over the world for its history and culture, and it attracts many scholars, making it a gathering place of great writers. The one-thousand-year-old Yuelu Academy has carried out the culture inheritance of the area. The famous ideologists Lixue Zhu Xi and Zhang Shi of the Song Dynasty once gave lectures here and founded the powerful Huxiang School. At that time, it was said that "there were Beaux only in Chu".

Changsha is also a famous city with hills, water, and islands. The blessed geographical terrain gives the city beautiful landscapes. Here, one can see beautiful mountains, clean waters, and sandbanks with special physiognomy. Standing on Juzi Island, one can enjoy the vastness of Xiang River and the beautiful scenery of Mount Yuelu, which is described in a poem as "frost leaves more gorgeous than flowers in February".

  • Region Code: 0731
  • Post Code: 410005
  • Area: 11,825 square meters
  • Population: 6.13 million
  • Ethic groups: Han, Hui, Man