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Pingyao Railway Station


Pingyao Railway StationPingyao Railway Station was built in 1933. It is in the central part of Shanxi Province. The station is about 108 kilometers (67 miles) away from Taiyuan Station and 420 kilometers (260 miles) away from Huashan Station. It is about 600 kilometers (380 miles) northeast of Beijing and 540 kilometers (330 miles) west of Xian. The Tongpu railway line runs north to south. In the north, the line goes to Taiyuan and Shijiazhuang. In the south, it goes to Linfen and Yuncheng. The Pingyao Station is a transfer station for several railway lines such as the line between Taiyuan, Chengdu, Baoji, Fenglingdu and Yangquanxi; the one between Xi'an, Changchun and Baotou; and the one between Datong and Hangzhou.

Lines and Trains

Pingyao Railway Station only has K-trains and other slower trains. If you want a faster journey, you may take a D-train from Pingyao Gucheng Railway Station. A K-train from Pingyao Station takes half a day to Datong, 16 hours to Beijing, 22 hours to Chongqing North, and 1½ days to Shenzhen West. Pingyao Station also offers slow trains to Xi’an, Lanzhou and Chengdu.

K-Train and Slow Train Services by Order of Duration

K7808Datong07:1419:4312h 29min
K7807Yuncheng07:3920:2612h 47min
K609Hancheng23:5115:2115h 30min
K610Beijing14:1006:0915h 59min
K868Linfen19:3611:5416h 18min
K866Tangshan13:3307:0817h 35min
K689Chongqing North08:4706:2121h 34min
K690Taiyuan07:4805:2321h 35m
K237Shenzhen West23:3212:2036h 48min
4611Jiexiu06:4809:152h 27min
2671Xi’an16:4008:5616h 16min
2464Baotou18:3511:4117h 6min
1095Lanzhou19:0615:5420h 48min
2604Qinhuangdao10:3510:4724h 12min
1485Chengdu15:0018:3427h 34min

Transportation to Pingyao Railway Station

There are electric motorbikes and taxis available. The motorbike price to take you to the ancient city can be as low as 3 to 5 RMB. Taxis start at 6 RMB. If you want to go to the city on foot, it may take about 20 minutes.

From Pingyao Station to Pingyao Gucheng Station

Pingyao Railway Station and Pingyao Gucheng Railway Station are connected by bus 103. The bus runs from 07:30 to 20:10 in summer and 07:00 to 19:10 in winter. Every 15 minutes there is a bus to take you to Pingyao Gucheng Station (6 stops). The bus journey takes 15 minutes and costs RMB 3.

From Pingyao Station to Pingyao Ancient City

The easiest way from Pingyao Railway station to Pingyao Ancient City is to take a taxi (3 minutes to Fengyi Gate, one of the entrances). Taxis are not permitted in the ancient city scenic area, so you must get off at Fengyi Gate.

You may also choose to walk about 20 minutes to get there. This method is not recommended, because the streets can be confusing. If you are going this way, you should refer to a reliable map and make sure not to lose your way.

Trains from Pingyao Station to Xi'an

The table below shows the four trains from Pingyao to Xi’an Railway Station and Xi’an South Railway Station:

2671Xi’an00:1808:568h 38min
1458Xi’an16:3201:018h 29min
1095Xi’an20:4206:5610h 14min
K689Xi’an South10:1620:2510h 9min

Pingyao to Beijing Trains

There are three trains departing from Pingyao Railway Station to Beijing Railway Station every day:

K61020:3206:099h 37min
K60417:0305:3712h 34min
2604/260113:1503:5614h 41min

Special Service on Pingyao Railway Station

Freight Service:It handles carloads, freight packages and container cargoes.