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Chongqing Weather in March

Lesser Three Gorges Beautiful scenery of the Lesser Three Gorges

March in Chongqing witnesses a high temperature of almost 18 °C (64.4 °F), and the lowest temperature is around 11 °C (51.8 °F). What's more, you may feel still cold at night, as the average temperature can go below zero. It is cloudy and drizzly sometimes so take an umbrella with you when you go outdoors.

In March, a light coat may be more suitable for this month. Moreover, you'll need a sweater when you go out at night.

March is the time for everything to be fresh again. During this month, the flowers begin to blossom and the trees begin to grow. Traveling to Chongqing in March to see the Lesser Three Gorges is a good decision. Consult us on our website and have us help you design your own tour to Chongqing.

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