Niangziguan Pass

Niangzi Guan Pass is located northeast of Pingding County in Shanxi Province and is one of the most important passes along the foot of Taihang Mountain. The pass is wedged between the mountainous Huabei and Taiyuan basins.  Search a Great Wall Tour

Niangzi Guan Pass was the old Weize (weed pond) Pass but was renamed because of an interesting legend. It said that the pass was garrisoned by a group of women soldiers under the leadership of Princess Pingyang, the third daughter of the first Tang Emperor.     

The lone remaining tower gate was from the Ming Dynasty. The north and south gates are still in good condition. The east gate was built with bricks and the south gate was constructed with stones.

Nianggziguan pass serves as a tourist attraction today. There are historical buildings clustered among beautiful springs and waterfalls.