Ningxia Great Wall

Ningxia in North China was known as the "Great Wall Museum" because ruins of the Ming and Qin walls are both found in this area. The Ming walls are the west, east, and north portions of the walls. It is named Sanguankou. It is located 40 km west of Yinchuan City in the south of the Helan Mountain where the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region adjoins the Alashan Zuoqi in Inner Mongolia. The Yinchuan to Bayanhaote highway runs through this pass. Traces of the walls are clearly visible. Search a Great Wall Tour

The Qin wall is the southern section and is named the Guyuan Great Wall. It is more than 400 km. long and can sill be seen.

The Mongol nomads in the north often entered central China through the Sanguankou area and were a great threat to the northern borders. In order to keep the Mongol invaders outside, walls were built along the borders, forming a seemingly impenetrable fortification.

This section of walls was built with soil mixed with gravel. It is recorded that materials used were transferred from distant mountainous areas.