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Guangzhou Weather in December

Weather: Winter is short in Guangzhou, and it starts from December. The average low and high temperatures are respectively 11 °C (52 °F) and 20 °C (68 °F). There are only about 5 days of rain and 32 mm of total rainfall.

Clothing: A shirt, a light sweater and a jacket are enough to deal with winter in Guangzhou. See the current weather and forecast>>

Things to Do

It is one of the best times of the year to visit Guangzhou in the moderate, cool, and dry weather. Guangzhou has numerous gardens with flowers in the winter, and it is pleasant to see the many flower markets. During cold weather, you might opt to shop. Christmas has become a popular festival in Guangzhou, especially among the younger people.

Christmas in Guangzhou: Christmas has become a popular shopping festival in Guangzhou. The big malls in Tianhe such as TeeMall will be crowded and festooned with holiday shoppers. There is also a special Christmas market at the Grand Hyatt Regency in December. And the large 4 and 5 star hotels offer Christmas dinner.

For an even granderChristmas festival, experience Christmas in Hong Kong where there are big world-class events and entertainment. It is one of Hong Kong's main holidays. You can go to downtown Hong Kong in about two or three hours via fast train.

See Shimen National Forest Park: In the cool, sunny weather you can enjoy walking in the national park. It is about 1.5 hours north-east of Guangzhou. There are woody glades with beautiful foliage in December. There are also bamboo thickets, hillsides, and ponds. An aquatic garden measures about 7 hectares. It contains a variety of aquatic plants. Red maple trees cover about 600 hectares (1,400 acres).  We can tailor-make a tour to visit this park. What a wonderful place for a walk!

December Trade Fairs: South China Label Show and others. Guangzhou allows 3-day visa free travel that encourages foreign business people to visit the trade shows and make short-term visits for business.

Low Travel Season

December is a low travel month. Flights, trains, and hotel rooms are available, and our tour prices are economical. Let us help you arrange your hotel reservations and your tickets.

Guangzhou Average Daily Temperatures Based on Historical Data

DateAverage HighAverage Low
December 172 °F22.22 °C55 °F12.78 °C
December 271 °F21.67 °C55 °F12.78 °C
December 371 °F21.67 °C55 °F12.78 °C
December 471 °F21.67 °C55 °F12.78 °C
December 571 °F21.67 °C54 °F12.22 °C
December 671 °F21.67 °C54 °F12.22 °C
December 770 °F21.11 °C54 °F12.22 °C
December 870 °F21.11 °C53 °F11.67 °C
December 970 °F21.11 °C53 °F11.67 °C
December 1070 °F21.11 °C53 °F11.67 °C
December 1169 °F20.56 °C53 °F11.67 °C
December 1269 °F20.56 °C52 °F11.11 °C
December 1369 °F20.56 °C52 °F11.11 °C
December 1469 °F20.56 °C52 °F11.11 °C
December 1568 °F20 °C52 °F11.11 °C
December 1668 °F20 °C51 °F10.56 °C
December 1768 °F20 °C51 °F10.56 °C
December 1868 °F20 °C51 °F10.56 °C
December 1968 °F20 °C50 °F10 °C
December 2067 °F19.44 °C50 °F10 °C
December 2167 °F19.44 °C50 °F10 °C
December 2267 °F19.44 °C50 °F10 °C
December 2367 °F19.44 °C49 °F9.44 °C
December 2466 °F18.89 °C49 °F9.44 °C
December 2566 °F18.89 °C49 °F9.44 °C
December 2666 °F18.89 °C49 °F9.44 °C
December 2766 °F18.89 °C48 °F8.89 °C
December 2865 °F18.33 °C48 °F8.89 °C
December 2965 °F18.33 °C48 °F8.89 °C
December 3065 °F18.33 °C47 °F8.33 °C
December 3165 °F18.33 °C47 °F8.33 °C

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