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Hangzhou Weather in June

Weather: The end of June is when the weather gets hot and rainy. It is the rainiest month of the year. Rain often falls in buckets. The first of Hangzhou's two rainy seasons begins in the middle of June and ends in early July. The second rainy season is in the fall.

The humidity and high temperatures makes the weather very uncomfortable. The average daily high temperature is 29 °C (84 °F), and the average nightly low temperature is 21 °C (70 °F). It rains about 15 days of the month, and there is about 230 mm of total precipitation.

Clothing: Long-sleeves and slacks are enough for night. Bring shorts, summer clothes and rain gear. Wear waterproof shoes for wet weather, and take an umbrella on days when rain is likely. Check the current Hangzhou weather and forecast>>

Things to Do in Hangzhou in June

meijiawu tea plantation Enjoy a cup of tea in Meijiawu Tea Plantation.

Enjoy West Lake: The park is large, and the park is the favorite tourist attraction in the city. The park is 63 square kilometers (23 square miles) in area, and the lake is 15 kilometers (9 miles) around. There are sidewalks around the lake, and it is a great place for a run or for an extended walk along the shore. Bikes and boats are available for rent. Large crowds come on holidays and sunny weekends.

Hike or Relax at Moganshan: Moganshan is a mountain about a 1½ hour drive from Hangzhou that was a favorite retreat center for both Chinese government leaders and foreigners. There are villas, cabins, and hotels to stay in, and it is especially popular in sweltering Hangzhou summers because it is appreciably cooler. Go for hikes and enjoy the tea on the tea farms. The main peak, Ta Shan, is 724 meters high (2,375 feet).

Thousand Islets (Qiandao) Lake: Another outdoor attraction is this huge artificial lake (573 square kilometers). There is forest cover on the thousand islets and on the shore. Sightsee, relax, hike and find tranquility. Avoid the Chinese tour boats and buses and noisy tour groups. Enjoy the place privately or with a private tour, or book a private cruise. You could also bike around the area. See the Thousand Islets Lake Biking Guide>>

Drink tea on a rainy day: When the weather is inclement, you can step into this museum and stay dry and enjoy tea. You'll learn about tea ceremonies and customs in China, regional differences of tea customs, the varieties of tea drunk in China, and how to make and enjoy tea yourself. Chinese are tea connoisseurs, and while your learning, you can drink a lot of tea. Varieties of tea and souvenirs are sold there.

Touring Hangzhou in June

High Tourist Season

June is in the peak travel season. Expect to see crowds of Chinese tourists in the city since Hangzhou is a very popular travel destination. The Dragon Boat Festival also falls in this month, the hotels, fine restaurants, and tourist attractions will be busy. We can help you find accommodations and tickets. The prices are high for hotel rooms, flight tickets and train tickets. We can use our experience to arrange your trip, find discounts, and save your time.

Recommended Tour Packages

The 2-day Hangzhou tour: Visit Six Harmonies Pagoda, West Lake Park, and other Hangzhou attractions. Modify this tour as you wish during booking.

The 5-day Shanghai and Hangzhou tour: Travel, sightsee, dine, and shop in these two important commercial cities. See the Shanghai Bund, the Shanghai World Financial Center, West Lake, and Wuzhen Ancient Water Town. 

Very fast new trains now connect the eastern cities. These trains will allow you to travel much more inexpensively and cheaply than ever before. You'll enjoy these fast, inexpensive, and convenient trains

Design your own trip with this Tailor-Make a Tour Form>> Tailor and modify your tour as you wish, and the links below can help you decide on where to go in the summer.

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