Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum is famous for its large collection of rare cultural pieces. The museum now houses over 120,000 pieces of cultural relics in twelve categories, including Chinese bronzes, ceramics, paintings and calligraphy, and artifacts. Opened in 1995, it is the newest of the top four museums in China.


Shanghai Museum is especially well-known for its collection of bronze pieces.

The 1,200 square meter exhibition room displays more than 400 beautifully decorated bronzes, which provide a panoramic picture of China from the 18th century BC to the 3rd century BC.

The items exhibited include wine, food, and water vessels, musical instruments, and weapons from the Xia Dynasty (ca. 21st century B.C.) to the Warring States Period (221 B.C.).


shanghai museumThe exhibit in the Shanghai Museum

Visitors can get a clear picture of what an ancient seal looks like in the Seal Showroom. The room consists of four parts, and displays more than 500 seals, from the Zhou Dynasty (1024-256 BC) to the Qin Dynasty (1644-1911).

If you are interested in Chinese architecture, you should not miss the room showing Chinese furniture from the Ming and Qing dynasties. When stepping into the room, visitors almost feel like they are in a Chinese-style garden and mansion.

Over 100 pieces of various styles of furniture made in the Ming and Qing Dynasty are displayed, along with some models of valuable furniture, and wooden buried warrior figures from the Ming Dynasty, unearthed near Shanghai.

In the Arts and Crafts by Chinese Minorities room, visitors can enjoy about 600 works in different styles, and remarkable colors. Items include dresses and personal adornments, dyed and woven embroidery, metal art ware, sculptures, ceramics, and bamboo wares used by the minority people.

Other Exhibitions

Other rooms are Ancient Chinese Calligraphy Room, Ancient Chinese Ceramics Room, Ancient Chinese Jade Room, Ancient Chinese Numismatics Room, and Ancient Chinese Paintings Room.