Shenzhen Food and Restaurant

Shenzhen is a typical immigrant city. So you can find cuisines of many other cities of China here. Additionally, Thai cuisine, Vietnam cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Indonesian Cuisine and many other Western-style fast-foods are available in Shenzhen too. Besides the traditional hotels and restaurants, various theme restaurants like cafe, tea house and snack bars are also very popular.

Longzai Rice

The most remarkable feature of the steamed rice lies in that the rice is permeated with the fragrance of lotus leaves. It is because the rice is steamed with the wrap of lotus leaves for quite a long time. Of course, this is just one factor of this delicious food.

Longzai rice with lotus leaves tastes like Baozai rice as they are both savory and delicious. There are many flavors of Longzai rice such as mushroom chicken, cured meat, sauced meat and seafood rice. You can choose the flavor as you like. Baozai rice usually has some crispy rice in it and it is pretty interesting to eat it with spoon. Eating Longzai rice is relatively easier. The refreshing fragrance of lotus sends forth from the rice gradually. The inspiration of creating Longzai rice comes from the traditional Cantonese food—glutinous rice chicken.

Crystal Meat

The meat looks crystal in appearance and it is a good choice to dispel the effects of alcohol. The crystal meat is made by pork without the skin, white sugar and slices of melon. You should first cook the pork thoroughly and chop it into pieces. Then, preserve the meat with white sugar for one day. After that, put some slices of melon on it and braise it thoroughly. The meat is tender, fragrant, delicious, a little fat but not greasy.


Decoct mesona chinensis benth in water and get its liquid. Filter the sediment in the water and add some tapioca to it. Mix it thoroughly and heat it up. Then put the boiling mixture in a cask or an aluminum pot to cool. The cream after the condensation is called Caoke which looks brown and crystal with a refreshing fragrance.

Mugwort Rice

This snack is made of one kind of mugwort growing on the ridge of fields. Pound this mugwort and wrap it with the rice flour. The flavor of mugwort is sweet with special fragrance in it. Chewing it carefully, the fragrance will come into your throat and your nose. When I was young, I always went to pick up mugwort with my sister. The thing impressed me most was the mugwort growing on the coastal barrier which looked plump. The rice made by this mugwort is especially savory.

Questions and Answers About Shenzhen Food and Restaurant

Tom 2014-04-07
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I''m visiting shenzhen this upcoming summer. Are there any nice gay bars in the area?
Dear Tom, We listed some bar's information on our website for reference, but I am not sure if these are gay bars. Please click: Lussie Lu replied on 2014-04-08
Lawrence Hayes 2014-01-25
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I am on a dating site and have found a lovely girl and we are both looking forward to meeting in the next couple of months in England. However, because the dating site is very expensive when we write to ea other, we are trying to find other means in which to communicate. I should say that the dating site hides any telephone numbers and any hint of an address. So the question is: How can I find the telephone number for the location at which she works. She is a doctor and specializes in Gynae and has said she works in a place called ''zhongguofhsju''. I can''t find any ref to this so has anyone any good ideas please? Many thanks, Lawrie
Hi Lawrence, sorry, we also don't know what place ''zhongguofhsju'' is. Sorry, but wish you good luck! Whitney Liao replied on 2014-01-27
Mohamed 2013-11-01
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Hi, Is there any Muslim''s Restaurants at Shenzhen?
Hi Mohamed, for Muslim''s Restaurants, please visit our website at guest replied on 2013-11-01
jACKIE 2013-07-24
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We have 6 persons going to Shenzhen from HongKong. When we reach Hongkong airport, should we just take the limousine taxi to Kailli hotel, Shenzhen. We also like to know the charges of it. They said should buy the MRT cards to travel. By the way, we heard about the attraction WINDOW OF THE WORLD. Please advice how to move around from Kailli hotel to that attraction

Hi Jackie, if there are direct bused from HKIA to Kaili Hotel, you can take it.

From your hotel to Window of the World, you can go to Guomao Station to take metro Luobao Line, get off at Window of the World.

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-07-24
rakesh tuladhar 2012-09-03
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i am visiting shenzhen in september.i want to khow the weather and what type of clothes i should bring.can i have some indian and nepai type of restaurant in shenzhen?
Dear Rakesh Tuladhar, In September, it is hot in Shenzhen. The average temperature will be 25-30℃(77-86℉). Sometimes it will be rainy, but not heavily. You could wear T-shirts and shorts. Here are some information of Indian restaurants for reference. 1. Malay Scenery马来风光 Address: No.3085, Shennan Dong Road, Luohu District (罗湖区深南东路3085号骏庭酒店1楼) 2. Spice Circle时派圈印度餐厅(天俊大厦店) Address: No.3018, Dongmen Nan Road, Luohu District (罗湖区东门南路3018号天俊大厦群楼1楼旁) 3. Indian Meichu Restaurant印度美厨 Address: No.42, Zhenhua Road, Futian District (福田区振华路42号) Lussie Lu replied on 2012-09-04
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