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Xian Railway Station

Xian Railway Station Taxi Directions

Chinese Name: 西安
Address: No. 151, Huancheng Bei Road, Xincheng District, Xian City, Shaanxi Province.
Chinese Address: 西安市新城区环城北路151号
Telephone: 029-95105688
Number of platforms: 6
Xi'an Taxi Instruction

Xian Railway StationXi'an Railway Station is a major railway junction. Trains go from this station to every part of China, and trains going to northwest China and southwest China transfer here. Every year, about 23.6 million passengers may use the station, and it ranks fourth in China in terms of passenger use. The volume of freight traffic of the Longhai Railway (Lanzhou in the west to Lianyungang in the east) has reached 73.8 million tons. This ranks third among the railways in China.

If you want to know another high speed railway station in Xian, just visit Xian North Railway Station

Xi'an Railway Station building has four sections: the main building, the ticket hall, the baggage office and the office area. In the center of the main building is a platform area 20 meters high. Both the east and west sides have waiting rooms. In the building, there are altogether four large general waiting rooms. Each waiting room can hold 1400 passengers at one time. There is also another waiting area near the railway platform for the old and weak, groups, soft-berth riders, and VIPs. The building is decorated with plants.
In the center of the hall, there are two escalators and a staircase up to the second floor. Passengers on the bottom floor can go into Platform One directly.

There are restaurants and places to eat and get snacks, general merchandise stores, gift shops, and bookshops in the building. Of course, the prices are high.

Xian Railway Station is 1083 kilometers away from Lianyungang East Railway Station in east China’s Jiangsu Province, and 676 kilometers away from Lanzhou Railway Station in Gansu Province. The station is at the intersection of Huancheng Bei Lu and Jiefang Lu.

Postal Code: 710005

Passenger Services: Consignment of luggage and parcels.

Railway Lines: Longhai Railway, Xikang Railway (Xi’an-Ankang), Ningxi Railway (Xi’an-Nanjing), and Baoxi Railway (Baotou-Xi’an).

Transportation to Xian Railway Station

Public Transport


Bus 5, Bus 9, Bus 13, Bus 14, Bus 25, Bus 30, Bus 40, Bus 41, Bus 42, Bus 602, Bus 603, Bus 607, Bus 611, Bus 103, Bus 105, Bus 500, Bus 201, Bus 231, Bus 240, Bus 251, Bus 511, Bus 703, Bus 705, Bus 706, Bus 707, Bus 914, and Bus 915.
Tour Bus 1, Tour Bus 2, Tour Bus 3, Tour Bus 5, Tour Bus 6, Tour Bus 7, and Tour Bus 8.
Special Buses: Airport Bus 2, Night Bus 1, Night Bus 2, and Night Bus 3.


Line 4 that is still under construction will have a station here.


Taxi Fare:

In the day: The taxi fare starts at 6 yuan within 2 kilometers. For 2–10 kilometers it is 1.5 yuan per kilometers. Over 10 kilometers, 50% will automatically be added for its returning empty.

In the night: The taxi fare starts at 7 yuan within 2 kilometers. For 2–10 kilometers it is 1.8 yuan per kilometer. Over 10 kilometers, 50% will be automatically added for its returning empty.

Xian Railway Station Special Tips

Service Guidelines:

Rules on Articles Accompanied by Passenger

According to the railway regulations, the maximum weight of the articles passengers can bring for free is as follows:
Adults: 20 kilograms; Children: 10 kilograms (children taking the train for free included); Diplomatic agents: 35 kilogram (diplomatic agents with diplomatic immunity only).
If the carry-on luggage is beyond regulation, passengers can go to the baggage office to have their luggage and parcels consigned. Or, they can pay the excess fare when they leave the station.

How to Board

After buying a ticket at the ticket hall on the east side of the railway station or from the train ticket agencies, passengers can wait for their trains in Xian Railway Station on the departing day. There are entrances on both the east and west sides of the buffer zone for the waiting area. Passengers with tickets can go though either entrance and have their articles checked. After the security check, passengers can enter the waiting hall. After that, passengers can find their waiting rooms. If your train originates from the Xian Railway Station, members of the station staff will remind you to have your ticket checked and to enter the station 40 minutes before your train leaves. If your train does not originate from the Xian Railway Station, members of the staff will remind you to have your ticket checked and to enter the station when the train reaches the station.

Exiting from the Railway Station

If you are debarking at the Xian Railway Station, please follow the signs and leave the station through the tunnel which is in the central part of the platform. The exit is in the south of the station. After entering the tunnel, just follow the guide signs and go south. Then you can leave the station.

How to Pick-up Your Relatives or Friends

If you come to the Xian Railway Station to meet your relatives or friends, you may buy a special platform ticket in the western side of the railway station near the exit. When your train comes, you can get into the station through the exit door and pick up your relatives and friends as soon as the train arrives. If you do not need to enter the station, you can wait for them outside in waiting area.
Waiting Room for Soft-Berth Ticket Holders:
If you pay for a soft berth, you can wait in the special waiting rooms on the first and second floor. The special waiting room on the first floor is in the southwest of the waiting hall. The special waiting room on the second floor is in the northeast of the "nave". The "nave" contains the halls that connect the platforms.

Xian Railway Station Overview

Xi'an Railway Station is a railway junction and is a good quality passenger railway station. It was originally built in 1934. The new main building of Xi'an Railway Station was completed in the year 1985. In front of, east of and west of the station, there are bus stations and many bus stops. The Xian Bus Station for long-distance buses is nearby.

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Hi Neil, I sorry to tell you that all of the Railway Stations in are not friendly with wheelchair user. Please click here to read more details about the situation in China: I suggest that you take a airplane rather than train travel if it was not over your budget. Michael Hu Replied on 06:18 AM Jan. 15 2012
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