Top Things to Do in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is the largest and most flourishing industrial and foreign trade center in south China. Many tourists travel to Guangzhou to do business or transit to other Chinese cities. However, you can find various options for things to do here. Although a modern metropolis, much of its history is well retained. You can also check out recommended top things to do, attractions and destinations to visit in China.

Yuexiu Park in GuangzhouIt is the biggest sightseeing park of Guangzhou City, containing the statue of the Five Goats, the city’s symbol. The verve of Yuexiu Park as one of the new Eight Attractions of Guangzhou is completely presented by verdant trees, thriving bamboos, and blooming flowers.

Chen Family Ancestral TempleIt was built as a collective effort by members from the Chen Family who lived in 72 different counties in Guangdong Province, to honor and worship their ancestors. Now it has been transformed into Guangdong Folk Craftwork Museum.

Temple of Six Banyan TreesIt is one of the four Buddhism temple complexes in Guangzhou. There are majestic towers, dense trees, plenty of antiques and valuable heritage from those famous people in the history.

Guangzhou Pearl River Cruise The cruise section from the White Goose Pool to Guangzhou Bridge is the highlight of the Pearl River cruise. Scenery along this part is so fascinating, with jade-colored water and colored lights on shore.

Guangzhou White Clouds Mountain The mountain range is full grandeur with majestic peaks and crisscrossed valleys. Travelers can appreciate the overall splendid landscape of Guangzhou and especially the beautiful jade-belt-liked Zhoujiang River at the top of the mountain.

6. Watch Cantonese Opera

Cantonese Opera

It is one of the major categories of Chinese opera. This traditional art form involves singing, acting, martial arts and acrobatics. Most of the plots are based on famous Chinese historical tales, classics and myths.

7. Relish Local Cuisine

Guangzhou Dim Sum

Guangzhou cuisine, also known as Cantonese cuisine, is one of the Eight Major Regional Cuisines in China, and it enjoys very high prestige. It is best served in no other places than its place of origin, Guangzhou. You would also love to have a dim sum breakfast at a local restaurant.

8. Independent Travel in Guangzhou

We have selected some tourist-class hotels in Guangzhou with low prices and accessible locations. Most of these category hotels accept payment at the hotel when you are checking in.

9. Onward Tours to Hong Kong and Macau

MacauGuangzhou's advantageous location makes Hong Kong and Macau conveniently accessible. It is a great idea to extend your trip to experience some cultures that are different from other cities in Mainland China.

Questions and Answers About Top Things to Do in Guangzhou

sam 2013-10-13
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hi, i"ll be attending the canton fair for the first time, don''t know anything in the local area, looking to do some shopping during my 3 day stay. any info on local shopping please?
Dear Sam, Thank you for your inquiry. Here are some famous shopping are in Guanghou: Beijing Road (北京路)- Yuexiu District Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street(上下九步行街)-- Liwan District Global International Shoes Trade Center(国际鞋城)-- Liwan District Mouse Street Shopping Center(老鼠街)-- Baiyun District Doris Huang replied on 2013-10-14
Jenny 2013-09-06
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I''m planning to stay at Shamian Island. Is there a metro from airport to shamian island? Can GZ cab takes a 29inch luggage & 2 adult & 2 kids. Can I take metro fr Shamian Island to Chimelong resort? How far is the journey by metro ? How long is the journey by cab & how much it cost? thks

Thank you for your tour inquiry, there is no direct line from airport to Shamian Island, it is more convenient to take taxi. it will  be no problem for your family(4pax) and one 29inch suitcase in one taxi.

you can take line No.1 from Huangsha station D gate  to Metro Tiyu Xi lu station, then take Line.No.3 to Panyu station Shamian Island to Chimelong resort), it takes about 1 hour, it is about 1 hour by tax, the cost is about 80 to 100RMB

wish the information is helpful.




Lily Guo replied on 2013-09-07
Chisanga 2013-06-05
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I am planning a trip to Guangzhou on the 15th specifically to buy knitting wool and knitting accessories. Please help me find shops I could visit. I would be very grateful to get a response as soon as possible.
Dear Chisanga, You could go to Tianxiong Textile Village(天雄纺织城) for shopping, which is located at Dechang Road, South of Guanghzou Avenue, Guangzhou (广州市广州大道南德昌路). It is a large terminal market for all kinds of cloth, including knitting, chemical fiber, cotton weaving, linen, and silk made in home and abroad. Even leather and garment ornaments are also available there. It is a prosperous market gathering more than 700 enterprises. Lussie Lu replied on 2013-06-06
Bernard 2013-04-13
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hi, i am just curious could we go from GZ to Hongkong by train? if so could you please share the transportation details? Also from the list above is it reachable by taxi? or should we have a private car? thanks you

Hi Bernard, yes, there are direct trains from  from GZ to Hongkong . You can check details via here:

Private car or taxi would be very expensive. There are also direct buses, please see in the link above.

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-04-14
Shanny 2013-03-27
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Does anyone know where I can find yarn here in Guangzhou??Thank you

Hi Shanny, for shopping in Guangzhou, please check here:

Whitney Liao replied on 2013-03-27
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