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Top 9 Family Activities in Guilin

The li river Take a cruise on the Li River.

Guilin's second-to-none natural scenery and colorful folk cultures promise great memories for you and your family!

1. Cruising on the Li River

Cruising on the Li River is a highlight of a Guilin tour. Listed as one of the World’s “15 Best Rivers for Travelers” by CNN Travel, the Li River is the most popular scenic area for both adults and children. Tourists will enjoy a lot from thewith its breathtaking karst scenery along the Li River.

2. See the Star Features of Guilin

elephant trunk hill Elephant Trunk Hill

Thanks to its limestone geology, Guilin has many fabulous natural sights. The landmark of Guilin - Elephant Trunk Hill,; the biggest comprehensive park in Guilin - Seven Star Park; and the most fantastic cave - Reed Flute Cave, are all in downtown, Guilin. That means you can visit them in one day, with fewlittle driving time in case , which will keep your children feel exhaustedfrom getting bored. See Guilin attractions.

3. Visiting Giant Pandas

Giant pandas are very popular with children. Many tourists list pandas as a highlight of a China tour. There are only a few cities that have pandas, and Guilin is one of them. Pandas are the superstars of Guilin Zoo in Seven Star Park. Many parents take their kids for photos with these cute and rare animals. 

4. Visiting the Longji Terraced Fields

LongjiLongji Terraced Fields

The Longji Terraced Fields are located in Longsheng County, about two hours from Guilin. They offer some of the most beautiful scenery of Guilin, or indeed China. Cultivated on the hillsides, the largeness of the rice terraces shows the diligence of the local ethnic groups over the centuries.

The terraced fields, filled with water in spring, looks like thousands of silver ribbons glittering in the sun. The green rice in summer makes the terraces a green ocean; while in autumn they become a golden rice carpet. The different scenery in different seasons makes Longji Terraced Fields a feast for the eyes. The splendid culture of the minority peoples is also a highlight there.

4. Shopping and Relaxing around West Street

Something for everyone can be found in this "global village", including ethnic clothes, local food, cheap outdoor clothes and equipment, silk products, Chinese handcrafts, and other curios.

Hanging out around Yangshuo's West Street at night, you may be attracted by pool tables, a climbing wall, or board games and DVDs in a sitting-room-like environment. The small cafes and restaurants cater to Western and many other national tastes, and street snacks include New Zealand ice cream! Bilingual signs and English-speaking waiters will make you feel at home.

yangshuo cycling

5. Tour the Yangshuo Countryside by Bike

Cycling through the countryside is one of the top things to do in Yangshuo. Exploring the countryside on your bikes means you can stop anywhere you are interested in. You can take your time taking photos of the rice paddies, the old rural architecture, and the swimming water buffaloes. Just chatting with the lovely local people with your tour guide's translation is a lot of fun.

If you are not able to ride bikes, or your children are too small to do so, then hiring an electric open-air mini bus is another relaxing option.

6. Appreciate a Night Performance on the Li River

Impression liu sanjie A scene of Impression Liu Sanjie.

After a day touring Yangshuo, it is relaxing to watch the grand and fantastic Impression Liu Sanjie performance on the Li River. With colorful lighting and powerful ethnic music, it is performed against a background of real mountains, river banks, bamboo, and trees. The performers dressed in folk costumes give an artistic rendition of a famous Zhuang minority story.

7. Bamboo Rafting on the Yulong River

Sitting on a bamboo chair on an expertly punted bamboo raft, you’ll be intoxicated by the tranquil environment. Feel the calm of being in a traditional Chinese mountain-and-water painting.


8. Learning Chinese Kung Fu

Many parents expect hope their children learn something or get some mind-broadening experience from a tour. Yangshuo has a variety of traditional Chinese classes, such as a Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Class, a Chinese Taichi Class, and a Chinese Cookery Class. These classes offer a good opportunity for your children to learn about a different culture. China Highlights can add these special activities and many more  into your itinerary.

9. T-Shirt Painting

Children or adults may find this activity enjoyable. You can paint a T-shirt with whatever you want. An expert teacher will teach you how to write Chinese characters or paint famous people on a T-shirt.

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