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How to Plan a Trip in Harbin

sun island scenic areaIce sculpture, Harbin Ice Festival

World-renowned for its Ice and Snow Sculptures Festival, Harbin is a charming city in the northeast of China. It is one of the most sought after winter vacation destinations in China. A three-day or four-day tour of Harbin is typical.

First time? Sun Island Tourist Area and The Ice and Snow World are must-go places. Going skiing is highly recommended. Attend the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival, which is usually held from January 5th and lasts for a month, to experience the best of the snow culture of Harbin.

Interesting things for children? A series of cartoon characters show up during the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. The ski resorts cater for children and have professional assistance.

Table of Attractions

First of all, choose the attractions you want to visit.

Attraction Hours from Harbin City Type of Attraction Hours for a visit Location Time of day (Entry) cost
Sun Island Tourist Spot 0.5 Park 2 On the north bank of the Songhua River Daytime 30 yuan, 150 yuan for the Snow Sculpture Exposition in the park
The Ice and Snow World 0.5 1 On the west side of Sun Island, Songbei District Daytime or evening
Ice Lantern World 0 0.5 In Zhaolin Park, 74 Youyi Road Evening 180 yuan
Siberian Tiger Park 0.5 1 Next to Sun Island, Songbei District Daytime 90 yuan
Harbin Polar Land 0.5 Aquarium 2 3 Taiyang Avenue, Songbei District Daytime 130 yuan
Jile Temple 0 Temple 0.5 – 1 At the end of Dongdazhi Street, Nangang District Daytime 10 yuan
Heilongjiang Provincial Museum 0 Museum 1 46 Hongjun Street Daytime Free
St. Sofia Orthodox Church 0 Church 0.5 – 1 88 Toulong Street, Daoli District Daytime or evening 20 yuan
Central Street 0 Shopping Daoli District Daytime or evening free
Yabuli Ski Resort 3 Ski resort Yabuli County, Shangzhi Daytime
Erlongshan Ski Resort 1.5 50km in the suburb of Harbin Daytime

Tours to Enjoy the Ice and Snow

Enjoying the Ice Wonderland is one of the essential things to do while traveling in Harbin. Click the links below to find out more about our Ice Wonderland tours.

Tour Dates Available Duration US$
Harbin's Ice Wonderland Tour January 5 to February 25 3 Days 499
Harbin's Ice Wonderland Exploration From January 5 to February 25 4 Days 749

Go Skiing!

Skiing is a must-do and highly recommended while traveling in Harbin, as the ski resorts there are excellent not only for scenery, but also for exercise and fun. Spending half a day, a day or even more has been found very enjoyable. The ski resorts in Harbin provides professional instruction and equipment for novices and experienced skiers.

See our skiing tours at China's Top 5 Ski Resorts.

Tours Available Duration US$
Ice Wonderland Experience & Short Ski Tour Around Harbin From January 5 to February 25 4 Days 749
Harbin Sights & Yabuli Ski Adventure From January 5 to February 25 6 Days 1039
Skiing Break at Yabuli Ski Resort From January 5 to February 25 4 Days 649
Harbin Ice World and Yabuli Skiing Tour from Beijing From January 5 to February 25 5 Days 1359
Harbin Sights & Train to Yabuli Ski Resort From January 5 to February 25 6 Days 759


Because Harbin is located in the northeast near Russia, Korea and Mongolia, the food in Harbin is influenced by these countries. Not only is the local food popular here, but so are the foreign dishes and snacks.

Some exotic and charming foreign restaurants have won great popularity. Check out our information on the food and restaurants in Harbin.


Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival (usually from Jan 5th to Feb 28th every year)is famous all over the world. Thousands of visitors come to Harbin every year to appreciate the magnificent snow sculptures, which look more gorgeous under the lights at night.


Local souvenirs and some Russian products can be found on some shopping streets and in some large malls in Harbin. Click here for more about shopping in Harbin.

Nighttime shopping recommended: The buildings on the shopping streets, such as Central Avenue and Guogeli Street, are exotic and charming, especially at night. Shopping and enjoying the night scenery can be very relaxing and interesting.


Take note of the weather conditions for your time of travel. Preparing thermal clothes in winter. See detailed monthly weather information for Harbin.

Final Preparation

Before making a trip, check the time and locations of the festivals and attractions. Some attractions and restaurants may need reservations.

Arranging transport in advance can save you time and money. Transport is convenient in Harbin, but transport to the ski resorts will probably require prior consideration. See flights and train schedules for Harbin.

You can contact us for a tailor-made tour or the tours above.

After Everything is Ready, Go!

China Highlights continues to be your travel consultancy service during your tour. If you encounter difficulties or want to change your travel plans, please feel free to contact us.

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